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Bulletin 138

Bulletin 138, March 2024 Table of Contents: Theme Issue on Transition Modelling D. Simoni and S. Kubacki A​pplication of Machine Learning Tools to a Large Experimental Database of Separated Flows D. Petronio, P. Paliotta, A. Carlucci, D. Lengani and D. Simoni Experimental and Numerical Study

Bulletin 137

Bulletin 137, December 2023 Table of Contents: 18th ERCOFTAC da Vinci Competition - Kamila Zdybał Wins the 18th Da Vinci Competition M. V. Salvetti Dynamics of Bubbles Across Scales N. Hidman, H. Strom, S. Sasic and G. Sardina Deep Recurrent Neural Networks for Optical Flow Learning in

Bulletin 136

Bulletin 136, September 2023 Table of Contents: Theme Issue on Turbulent Combustion D. Roekaerts Flame Regime Identification in LES for Technically Relevant Combustion Systems C. Hasse, S. Popp and S. Hartl Probability Density Function and Filtered Reaction Source Term in Turbulent Premixed

Bulletin 135

Bulletin 135, June 2023 Table of Contents: Workshop and Summer School Reports 8th International Workshop on Turbulent Combustion of Sprays (TCS8) A. Giusti, E. Gutheil, A. Masri, B. Merci, V. Raman and D. Roekaerts Pilot Centre Reports Report on The Iberia Pilot Centre J. P. Prats, E. Onate,

Bulletin 134

Bulletin 134, March 2023 Table of Contents: Machine Learning in Fluid Dynamics R. P. Dwight and N. A. K. Doan Using CNNs to Solve PDEs Coupled to CFD Solvers E. A. Illarramendi, M. Bauerheim and B. Cuenot Super-resolution of Observations on Dynamical Systems Using Physics-Informed

Bulletin 133

Bulletin 133, December 2022 Table of Contents: Lukas Berger wins the 17th da Vinci Competition S. Hickel Numerical Study on Thermodiffusive Instabilities in Laminar and Turbulent Hydrogen Flames L. Berger Phase-changing Flows: Numerical Methods and Fully Resolved Simulations N. Scapin

Bulletin 132

Bulletin 132, September 2022 Table of Contents: Advances in Mathematical Modeling and Experimental Techniques for Quantification and Prediction of Fluid Dynamic Noise: Recent Italian Contributions V. Armenio Options for an Underwater Noise Monitoring Scheme in Italian Territorial Waters F.

Bulletin 131

Bulletin 131, July 2022 Table of Contents: Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) and the International SPHERIC Community B. D. Rogers Local Numerical and Experimental Comparisons of a Tire Rolling Over a Puddle of Water Using a Coupled SPH-FE Strategy and the r-PIV Technique A. Ben Khodja, C.

Bulletin 130

Bulletin 130, March 2022 Table of Contents: ”Turbulence & Interface” - Abstracts from the Workshop M. Gorokhovski, M. Bourgoin and A. Soldati Workshop and Summer School Reports: Workshop ASTROFLU V organized by Henri Benard́ Pilot Center, SIG14, SIG35 and SIG50 T. Bodnar, A. Cadiou, C.

Bulletin 129

Bulletin 129, December 2021 Table of Contents: 16th ERCOFTAC Da Vinci Competition Ricardo Constante Amores wins 16th ERCOFTAC Da Vinci Price S. Hickel Nonlinear Dynamics in Transitional Wall-bounded Flows M. Beneitez Three-dimensional Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulations of Complex

Bulletin 128

Bulletin 128, September 2021 Table of Contents: Respiratory Airflows and Aerosol Deposition S. C. Kassinos and J. Sznitman Analysis of Drug Particle Deposition in Swirl-Type Dry Powder Inhalers M. Sommerfeld How Flow Rate, Head Position, and Inhaler Orientation Affect the Drug Deposition

Bulletin 127

Bulletin 127, June 2021 Table of Contents: ERCOFTAC Da Vinci Competition S. Hickel Ignition and Propagation Mechanisms of Spray Flames P. M. de Oliveira Turbulent Drag Reduction by Anisotropic Permeable Substrates G. Gomez-de-Segura Spatio-temporal Analysis of Wall-bounded Turbulence: A

Bulletin 126

Bulletin 126, March 2021 Table of Contents: Lagrangian Particle Tracking and Data Assimilation: Preface A. Sciacchitano Lagrangian Coherent Track Initialisation (LCTI) for cylinder wake flow in 4D-PTV A. Rahimi Khojasteh, D. Heitz and Y. Yang Kernelized Lagrangian Particle Tracking and

Bulletin 125

Bulletin 125, December 2020 Table of Contents: Report on the Polish Pilot Centre J. Szumbarski, D. Asendrych, P. Doerffer, E. Tuliszka-Sznitko and S. Kubacki The Czech Pilot Centre Report T. Bodnar bulletin_125.pdf

Bulletin 124

Bulletin 124, September 2020 Table of Contents: Non-Ideal Compressible Fluid Dynamics: Preface A. Guardone and M. Pini Oblique Shock Waves in Non-ideal Compressible Flows D. Vimercati, G. Gori, A. Kluwick and A. Guardone Boundary Layer Stability, Scaling Methods and Modelling of Turbulence in

Bulletin 123

Table of Contents: Workshop and Summer School Reports: Meeting Report for 3rd Workshop on Modelling of Biological Cells, Fluid Flow and Microfluidics 2020 K. Kovalcikova Pilot Centre Reports: Henri Benard Pilot Centre Report 2017-2019 M. Gorokhovski, C. Cambon, C. Bailly, R. Marino and F.

Bulletin 122

Table of Contents: Workshop and Summer School Reports: 14th Workshop on Synthetic Turbulence Models and Fractional Dynamics. Synthetic Methods, Complex/Fractal Flows and Porous Media F.C.G.A. Nicolleau, J.-R. Angilella, A.F. Nowakowski, T.M. Michelitsch and J.-M. Redondo Fluid Turbulence

Bulletin 121

Table of Contents: Progress in RANS-based Scale-Resolving Flow Simulation Methods II S. Jakirlic RANS-based Sub-scale Modelling in Eddy-resolving Simulation Methods S. Jakirlic, M. Bopp, C-Y. Chang, F. K¨ohler, B. Krumbein, L. Kutej, D. Kutemeier, I. Maden, R. Maduta, M. Ullrich and S. Wegt

Bulletin 120

Bulletin 120, September 2019 Table of Contents: Progress in RANS-based Scale-Resolving Flow Simulation Methods S. Jakirlic Detached-Eddy Simulation: Steps towards Maturity and Industrial Value EDRFCM-2019 P. Spalart and M. Strelets Hierarchical Turbulence and Geometry Modelling of

Bulletin 119

Table of Contents: Workshop and Summer School Reports Workshop Astroflu IV co-organised by Henri Benard Pilot Centre and SIG 35 R. Marino, R. Bruno, A. Cadiou, F. Godeferd, A. Salhi and C. Cambon European Drag Reduction and Flow Control Meeting EDRFCM-2019 K-So Choi, D. Gatti and B.

Bulletin 118

Introduction: The Theme issue (118, March 2019) is devoted to the subject of laminar-turbulent transition prediction and flow control. Transition of flow state from laminar to turbulent is associated with significant changes in its structures and characteristics and therefore its prediction is of

Bulletin 117

Table of Contents: Workshop and Summer School Reports: 13th Workshop on Synthetic Turbulence Models Synthetic Flows and Complex Heat and Mass Transfer F.C.G.A. Nicolleau, J. Pozorski, A.F. Nowakowski and T.M. Michelitsch Summer School and Workshop Prague-Sum 2018 “Waves in Flows" T. Bodnar

Bulletin 116

Introduction: The Theme issue (116, September 2018) provides some examples of recent developments in methodological aspects and validation of large-eddy simulation (LES). The increasing complexity of the simulated problems and the use of LES in an engineering context bring new challenges, which

Bulletin 115

Table of Contents: Workshop and Summer School Reports: Report on the 6th International Workshop on Turbulent Combustion of Sprays (TCS 6) D. Roekaerts, E. Gutheil, B. Merci and A. Masri Report on the International Workshop on the Complex Turbulent Flows O. B. Mahjoub and A. Ouadoud

Bulletin 114

Introduction: The latest Theme issue (114, March 2018) is devoted to Geophysical, Environmental and even Astrophysical Flows and one of the common discussed topics is the role of body forces in fluids. The issue contains eleven papers, which concerns some aspect of this topic. The basic aspect that

Bulletin 113

Table of Contents: Workshop and Summer School Reports: Ercoftac Workshop on Direct and Large-Eddy Simulation 11 - DLES ll V. Armenia, J. Frohlich, B. J. Geurts, H. Kuerten and M. V. Salvetti 12th SPHERIC Workshop A. Crespo 12th ERCOFTAC SIG33 Workshop Progress in Flow Instability,

Bulletin 112

Introduction: The latest Theme issue (112, September 2017) is devoted to modelling & simulation in Oil & Gas industry. The issue contains six papers, which concerns some aspect of the key work carried out, from both academia and industry. The subject of interest covers various flow phenomena

Bulletin 111


Bulletin 110


Bulletin 106

Transition Modelling Theme Issue on Transition Modelling E. Dick & W. Elsner The Role of Linear Perturbation Methods in Transition Prediction M. W. Johnson On Hypersonic Boundary Layer Transition: Role of Streaks J. Ren and S. Fu Theory and Simulations of Bypass Transition in Two-Fluid

Bulletin 104

Multi-phase Flows Introduction to Special Theme: Multiphase Flows O. H. M. Rodr Viscous Oil-Water Pipe Flows:Flow Patterns, Pressure Gradient and Interfacial Wave Properties M. S. de Castro Sand Ripples in Liquids E. de M. Franklin Optical Methods for Fluid Mechanics

Bulletin 102

Design Optimization Introduction to Special Theme: Design Optimization K. Giannakoglou Optimization in Fluid Mechanics using Adjoint Methods and Evolutionary Algorithms K.C. Giannakoglou, D.I. Papadimitriou, V.G. Asouti, X.S. Trompoukis, E.M. Papoutsis-Kiachagias, K.T. Tsiakas and

Bulletin 100

Erosion Processes Introduction to Special Theme: Erosion Processes V Armenio Numerical Simulation of Coastal Flow And Sediment Transport Over Rippled Beds G. A. Kolokythas, G. A. Leftheriotis and A. A. Dimas Two-phase Flow Modelling for Sediment Transport: Application to

Bulletin 98

“Swirling Flows“ concerning rotation effects Synthesis on the activities of SIG 36 “Swirling Flows“ concerning rotation effects M. Braza and P. Bontoux Breakdown of the Swirling Wake Behind a Wind Turbine M. Carrion, M. Woodgate, R. Steijl, and G.N. Barakos Indeterminate Regime in

Bulletin 96

Reactive Flows and Combustion A Stress-Strain Lag Eddy Viscosity Model for Variable Density Flow M. Assad R. Prosser, A. Revell and B. Sapaos Report on the 13th An Evolution Equation for Flame Turbulence Interaction in Premixed Turbulent Combustion U. Ahmed, R. Prosser and A. J. Revell

Bulletin 94

Plasma Aerodynamics PLASMAERO European Project D. Caruana, C. Tropea, C. Hollenstein,J-P Boeuf, E. Moreau Surface Dielectric Barrier Discharge Plasma Actuators E. Moreau, A. Debien, N. BENARD, T. Jukes, R. Whalley, K.S. Choi, A. Berendt, J. Podlinski and J. Mizeraczyk Nanosecond Pulsed

Bulletin 92

Synthetic Turbulence Models Randomisation and Phase Coherence in Quasi-Homogeneous Turbulence, and Interactions C Cambon Manufactured Turbulence with Langevin Equations A. A. Mishra and D. Girimaji Subgrid-scale Statistics in Synthetic Helical Turbulent Fields Generated by the

Bulletin 90

Aeroacoustics Direct Numerical Simulation of Airfoil Self-Noise R. D. Sandberg and L. E Jones Broadband Shock-Associated Noise in Screeching and Non-Screeching Underexpanded SUpersonic Jets B. André, T. Castelain and C. Bailly Impact of Homogeneous Density Distributions on Acoustic Sources in

Bulletin 88

Multipoint Turbulence Structure and Modelling Multipoint Turbulence Structure and Modelling C. Cambon Kolmogorov’s Theory: K41 or K62? W.C. McComb Interfaces in Turbulence and Implications for Advanced Modeling Methods I. Eames, J.C.R. Hunt, M. Braza, C.B. da Silva, J. Westerweel

Bulletin 86

Fluid Structure Interaction Editorial - Fluid Structure Interaction E. Longatte, M. Braza Immersed Stress Method for Solving Fluid-Structure Interaction E. Hachem, S. Feghali, T. Coupez A General Partitioned Fluid Structure Interaction Model for Non-Matching Unstructured Mesh K. Suresh, A.

Bulletin 84

Fibre Suspension Flows Editorial - Fibre Suspension Flows F.Lundell and J. Hämäläinen DNS of Non-Spherical Particles in Turbulent Flows H.I. Andersson and L. Zhao Electrical Resistance Tomography Technique in Pulp and Paper Industry L. Heikkinen, J. Kourunen, P. Paananen, K. Peltonen, J.

Bulletin 82

Dispersed Multiphase Flow Dispersed multiphase flow: From microscale to macroscale numerical modelling M Sommerfeld Direct numerical simulation of high Schmidt number mass transfer from air bubbles rising in liquids using the Volume-of-Fluid-Method A Alke, D Bothe, M Kröger, B Weigand, D

Bulletin 80

Transition Modelling Editorial E Dick, W Elsner DNS of transition in turbomachinery J Wissink Laminar-turbulent transition in boundary layers on axial turbomachine blades G J Walker, J P Gostelow Turbulent spots detection during boundary layer by-pass transition P Jonas, W Elsner, O Mazur,

Bulletin 78

Environmental Fluid Mechanics Editorial B J Geurts LES for modelling the urban environment I P Castro, Z-T Xie LES based urban dispersal predictions for consequence management F Grinstein, R Bos, T Dey Atmospheric turbulent reacting flows influenced by shallow cumulus: A large eddy

Bulletin 76

Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics Smoothed-particle hydrodynamics emerges in CFD mainstream D Violeau, N J Quinlan Exact kernel integration in smoothed particle hydrodynamics M Basa, N J Quinlan, M Lastiwka Visualisation and analysis of SPH data J Biddiscombe, D Graham, P Maruzewski, R Issa

Bulletin 74

Laminar-Turbulent Transition Editorial A. Hanifi In-flight investigation on Tollmien-Schlichting waves and receptivity on laminar airfoils I Peltzer, W Nitsche, A Seitz, M Weismüller, C Tropea Receptivity of three-dimensional boundary layers to surface roughness E Piot, L-U Schrader

Bulletin 72

Wall Modelling in LES: Method Development and Application Editorial S. Jakirlic Atmospheric Boundary Layers over Rough Terrain M. Abouali, B. J. Geurts, A. Gieske Wall Models for LES of Separated Flows M. Breuer Hybrid LES-RANS: Estimating Resolution Requirements using Two-Point Correlations

Bulletin 70

Turbulence in Compressible Flows Editorial P. Comte Compressible Turbulence of supersonic Flows: Actions and Interactions J.-P. Dussauge Compressible Mixing Layers: Data Analysis and Modelling B. Aupoix, H. B é zard Is Compressibility Always Stabilizing and Why? Open Issues C. Cambon, L.

Bulletin 68

Bio-Fluids Editorial A.A. van Steenhoven Biomechanics of Aquatic Micro-Organisms T.J. Pedley On the Geometry Dependence of the Nose Flow I. Hoerschler, W. Schr ö der Blood Flow Measurements in Micro-Vessels P. Vennemann, M. Pourquie, J. Westerweel Geometrical Multiscale Modelling in the

Bulletin 66

Design Optimisation Editorial R. Schilling, F. Menter Adjoint Flow Solvers for Aerodynamic Shape Optimization N.R. Gauger Design Optimization Tools Based on Evolutionary Algorithms, Computational Intelligence and the Adjoint Method K.C. Giannakoglou, A.P. Giotis, M.K. Karakasis, D.I.

Bulletin 64

Reactive Flow Predictions and Validation Editorial A. Turan Criteria for Experimental Data of Turbulent Premixed Flames for Numerical Model Validation F. Dinkelacker Optimization of Global Reaction Mechanisms for Self-Ignition of Hydrocarbon Fuels at Elevated Preheat Temperature C. Heinz, M.

Bulletin 62

New Development in Numerical Methods for CFD Editorial Ch. Hirsch and D. Laurence Future Trends in the Industrial Practice on CFD A.G. Hutton Improved Numerical Methods for CFD Solutions on Unstructured Meshes C. Choudhury, S.E. Kim, B.P. Makarov, C. Carey Industrial CFD and Hexahedral Based

Bulletin 60

Numerical Simulation of Complex Atmospheric Boundary Layer Flows Problems T. Bodnar, K. Kozel, I. Sladek, Ph. Fraunie Formulation of Lagrangian Stochastic Models for Geophysical Turbulent Flows A. Maurizi, F. Tampieri Inertial Instability in Oceanic Flows J.L. Pelegri, M. Auladell, A.W.

Bulletin 59

Table of Contents: MEETING REPORTS IUTAM Symposium Unsteady Separated Flows M. Braza, Ch. Hirsch, F. Hussain Summer Course on Environmental Fluid Dynamics J.M. Redondo Summer School Geophysical Turbulence "After Nice 03" Ph. Fraunie Third International Conference Fluxes and Structure in

Bulletin 58

Aeroacoustics Editorial B.J. Boersma Research in Aeroacoustics at the Centre Acoustique of Ecole Central de Lyon D. Juv é High Speed Jet Noise Suppression using Microjets A. Krothapalli, B. Greska Aeroacoustics Investigations at the University of Erlangen M. Breuer, S. Becker, M.

Bulletin 57

Bulletin 57, June 2003 Table of Contents: MEETING REPORTS Euromech, Aerodynamics and Thermochemistry of High Speed Flows J-P. Dussauge, A. Chikhaoui Euromech, 9th European Turbulence Conference I. P. Castro SIG32, Pivnet2 T6, 5th Workshop on PIV SIG15/IAHR/ QNET-CFD Workshop on Refined

Bulletin 56

Complex Flow Problems Editorial I.Eames, J.C.R.Hunt Using Wake Disappearance to Guide CFD of Tube Bundle Flows C. Mouline, J.C.R. Hunt, F.T.M. Nieuwstadt CFD and Complex Flows Through Multiple Bodies Ian P. Jones LES of Flow Over Multiple Tubes T. Stoesser, F. Mathey, J. Froelich, W. Rodi

Bulletin 55

Table of Contents: PILOT CENTRE REPORT UK ERCOFTAC Pilot Centre SPECIAL CONTRIBUTION Expression of Interest for creation of a Network of Excellence in Flow, Turbulence and Combustion MEETING REPORTS Report on the 8th European Turbulence Conference J. M. Redondo, C. Dopazo Turbine-99 -

Bulletin 54

Transition Modelling Transpreturb - Thematic Network Activities 1998-2002 M. Savill, E. Dick, K. Hanjalic, P. Voke, F. Pittaluga Transition Modelling With an Intermittency Transport Equation K. Lodefier, E. Dick Predicting Wake-Passing Transition in Turbomachinery Using an

Bulletin 53

Table of Contents: MEETING REPORTS IMA Conference "Wind over Waves; Fundamentals, Forcasting and Applications" J. Hunt Application of Particle Image Velocimetry - Theory and Practice J. Kompenhans PILOT CENTRE REPORTS ERCOFTAC Pilot Centre Germany West B. Binninger BULLETIN THEMES AND PC

Bulletin 52

Fluid Dynamics Databases Databases for the 21st Century: Distibuted Information Base For Engineering and Environmental Fluid Dynamics P. R. Voke The FLOWNET Database Project M. Marini, J.-A. Desideri, F. Grasso and J. Periaux European Spatio-Temporal Data Infrastructure for High-Performance

Bulletin 51

Table of Contents: MEETING REPORTS Experiments, Modelling and Numerical Calculation for Dispersed Multiphase Flow M. Sommerfeld Recent Development in Mathematical Modelling of Turbulent Flows S. Drobniak Direct and Large-Eddy Simulation: Workshop 4 B.J. Geurts Thematic Network on Refined

Bulletin 50

Parallel Computing in CFD Efficient Parallel Preconditioning of Compact Finite Volume Solvers P. Angot and S. Kortas Parallelization of 3D Solver for Incompressible Flows in a Cylinder O. Bessunov, D. Foug è re and B. Roux DNS of 3D-Transition in the Flow Around a Wing by a Parallel

Bulletin 49

Table of Contents: About ERCOFTAC PILOT CENTRE REPORTS Polish Pilot Centre Report S. Drobniak, A. Boguslawski Swiss Pilot Centre Report L. Kleiser BULLETIN THEMES AND PC REPORTS Past and Future ERCOFTAC SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS Contact Faxes and Phone Numbers ERCOFTAC PILOT CENTRES AND

Bulletin 48

Modern Simulation Strategies for Turbulent Flow A Review of Progress on Direct and Large-Eddy Simulation N.D. Sandham Deconvolution Methods for Subgrid-Scale Approximation in LES N.A. Adams, S. Stolz The Subgrid-Scale Estimation Model for Decaying Isotropic Turbulence P.P. Yee, J.A.

Bulletin 47

Table of Contents: About ERCOFTAC MEETING REPORTS Pivnet T5/ERCOFTAC SIG32 Workshop on PIV M. Stanislas and J. Kompenhans Introduction to Numerical and Experimental Methods in Combustion Research B. Ineichen and K. Boulouchos Applications of CFD to Complex Environmental Flows and Processes

Bulletin 46

Eddy Structures Identification Recent Developments in Pattern Recognition Approaches for Eddy Identification G.A. Kopp, A. Arenas, J. Ferre-Gin é and F. Giralt Spectra and Eddy Structure J.C.R. Hunt and J.C. Vassilicos CVS Filtering and Computation of Turbulent Mixing Layers Using

Bulletin 45

Table of Contents: About ERCOFTAC Professor George Keith Batchelor FRS, 1920 - 2000 J. C. R. Hunt MEETING REPORT Implementation and Further Application of Refined Transition Prediction Methods for Turbomachinery and Other Aerodynamic Flows A. M. Savill, F. Pittaluga Third ERCOFTAC

Bulletin 44

Turbulence Control Control of Turbulent Wall Flows J. Jim é nez, A. inelle and M. Uhlmann Drag Reduction Research at the University of Nottingham K.-S. Choi DNS of Bounded Flows with Manipulated Walls P. Orlandi, S. Leonardi On STreaks in Free-stream Turbulence Induced

Bulletin 43

Table of Contents: About ERCOFTAC MEETING REPORTS Fluxes and Structures in Fluids Yu. D. Chashechkin 8th ERCOFTAC/IAHR/COST Workshop on Refined Turbulence Modelling A. Hellsten, P. Rautaheimo, S. Laine and T. Siikonen ERCOFTAC Summer School on CFD for Two-Phase Flows R. V. A. Oliemans

Bulletin 42

Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Turbomachinery Flows Selected Turbomachinery Research Topics at the Von Karman Institute T.J. Craft, H. Iacovides and B.E. Launder Validation Testing of CFD Techniques for Turbomachinery Flows D.G. Gregory-Smith and S. Aubert Turbomachinery Research

Bulletin 41

Table of Contents: About ERCOFTAC THEME Turbulence Modelling Research at UMIST (reprint) T. J. Craft, H. Iacovides and B. E. Launder MEETING REPORT Turbomachinery Flow Prediction VII D. G. Gregory - Smith Application of Particle Image Velocimetry - Theory and Practice J. Kompenhans

Bulletin 40

Turbulence Closure Modelling Turbulence Modelling and Model Validation for Engineering Flows M.A. Leschziner, D. Drikakis, D.D. Apsley, B. Barakos, B. Batten, W.L. Chen and H. Loyau Turbulence Modelling at ONERA/DMAE B. Aupoix Turbulence Modelling Research at UMIST T.J. Craft, H.

Bulletin 39

Table of Contents: About ERCOFTAC Editorial ERCOFTAC ASSOCIATION Report on the ERCOFTAC Managing Board Meeting K. Roussopoulos THE 10TH ANNIVERSARY OF ERCOFTAC Progress and Prospects for ERCOFTAC J. C. R. Hunt Some Personal Views on ERCOFTAC J. Mathieu Swiss-Tx: The ERCOFTAC

Bulletin 38

Turbulent Engine Combustion Optical Diagnostics in Gas Turbine Burners A. Arnold, R. Bombach, W. Hubschmid and B. K?ppeli Research on Turbulent Engine Combustion K. Boulouchos, B. Ineichen and M.K. Eberle Swedish Center of Excellence in Internal Combustion Engines A. Karlstr ö m

Bulletin 37

Table of Contents: About ERCOFTAC ERCOFTAC ASSOCIATION Report on the ERCOFTAC Executive Committee Meeting, Brussels, 5th May 1998 K. Roussopoulos MEETING REPORTS Application of Particle Image Velocimetry; 2nd - 6th March 1998 J. Kompenhans Turbulence and Mixing in Geophysical Flows; 20th -

Bulletin 36

Modelling of Dispersed Turbulent Two-phase Flows Lagrangian Scheme for Particle Tracking in Non-isotropic Turbulence A. Berlemont, Z. Chang and G. Gouesbet Efficient Stochastic-Probabilistic Modeling of Dilute Turbulent Two-Phase Flows X.-Q. Chen and J.C.F. Pereira Transport and Deposition of

Bulletin 35

Table of Contents: About ERCOFTAC ERCOFTAC ASSOCIATION: Report on the ERCOFTAC Managing Board and General Assembly Meeting MEETING REPORT: Conference on "Wind-Over-Waves Couplings: Perspectives and Prospects"; 8th - 10th April 1997 N. Thomas CONTRIBUTED PAPER: Recent Applications of

Bulletin 34

Problems of Turbulence in Supersonic Flows: A European View Compressibility and Low-Rexnolds Modelings in k-e Calculations of Wall Bounded Shear Flows R. Arina and H. Guillard Compressibility Effect on the 2D and 3D Vortex Structures in a Transonic Flow around a Wing A. Bouhadji and M. Braza

Bulletin 32

Transition and Turbulence in Flows Affected by Centrifugal and / or Coriolis Forces Rotation and Curvature Effects on Channel Flows P.H. Alfredsson Research at the LMFA on Turbulent and Transitional Flows Affected by Coriolis and Centrifugal Forces C. Cambon Three-dimenisional

Bulletin 31

Table of Contents: About ERCOFTAC ERCOFTAC Association MEETING REPORTS 8th Workshop on Two-Phase Flow Predictions; 26th - 29th March 1996 M. Sommerfeld Short Course and Workshop on Flow Control; 24th - 28th June and 1st - 5th july 1996 J. - P. Bonnet ERCOFTAC SIG Workshop on WOW (Wind

Bulletin 30

Particle Image Velocimetry The Need for Advanced Flow Measurement Techniques in Europe D. Kn ö rzer GARTEUR Activity on PIV: AD (AG19) Action Group on the Applicability of PIV to Large Scale Wind Tunnels M. Stanislas EUROPIV: A Cooperative Action to Apply Particle Image Velocimetry

Bulletin 29

Table of Contents: Report on the ERCOFTAC Managing Board Meeting Brussels, 15th May 1996 Computational Fluid Dynamics, Three-Dimension Complex Flows; 13th - 15th September 1995 M. O. Deville, S. Gavrilakis, I. L. Ryhming BRITE-EURAME AERO-CT92-0052 Project Workshop; 21st - 23rd September 1995

Bulletin 28

Flow in Porous Media Local Porosity Theory for the Transition from Microscales to Macroscales in Porous Media R. Hilfer, B. Virgin and T. Rage Modelling of Transport Phenomena in Porous Media. The Discrete Approach M. Prat, P. Schmitz and S. Bories From Inverse Problem to Reactive

Bulletin 27

Table of Contents:

Bulletin 26

Aerodynamics of Steady State Combustion Chambers and Furnaces Numerical Simulation of Low NOx Buerners: A practical Tool for Industrial Design P. Flamant Simultaneous Velocity and Temperature Measurements in a Non-Premixed Bluff-Body Flame F. Neveu, F. Corbin, M. Trinit é and M. Perrin A

Bulletin 25

Table of Contents: ERCOFTAC Association Meeting Reports COMETT Section Special Interest Groups Corresponding Members Library Section ERCOFTAC Pilot Centre Addresses

Bulletin 24

Transition Transition Modelling for Turbomachinery Flows J. Coupland Modelling the Transition Region J.P. Gostelow Modelling the Transition: Experimental and Numerical Studies A. Goulas, N. Kyriakides and K. Yakinthos Intermittency Distribution in Attached and Separated Boundary Layers

Bulletin 23

Table of Contents:

Bulletin 22

Large Eddy Simulations Introduction to Large Eddy-Simulation M. Lesieur Structure-Function-Based Models for Compressible Transitional Shear Flows P. Comte Dynamic Models M. Germano LES of Pipe Flow R. Friedrich and F.T.M. Nieuwstadt Large-Eddy Simulation of Turbulent Flow through

Bulletin 21

Table of Contents:

Bulletin 20

Turbulent Combustion Modelling Mathematical Models of Combustion and their Experimental Validation D. Bradley A Review of Turbulent Combustion Modeling S. Candel, D. Veyante, F. Lacas, N. Darabiha, M. Baum and T. Poinsot Modelling of Combustion in SI Engines with the Coherent Flamelet Model

Bulletin 19

Table of Contents:

Bulletin 18

Parallel Computing in CFD Towards an Integrated Parallelization Concept in Computational Fluid Dynamics H. Friz and S. N ö lting Parallel Computations in France West Y. Lebret, M. Nabarra, L. vervisch, Y. Escaig and D. Vandromme Parallelization of the Method of Characteristics on a CRAY

Bulletin 17

Table of Contents: ERCOFTAC Association Pilot Centre Section East European Corresponding Members Scientific Reports CEC Projects Lookadhead - Meeting in Europe & Overseas Meeting Reports COMETT - UETP ERCOFTAC ERCOFTAC Pilot Centres

Bulletin 16

Environmental Flows Atmospheric Boundary Layer Simulations with the Transient Turbulence and the Exchange Coefficient Methods: A Comparison J. Cuxart and P. Bougeault Large Eddy Simulations of Atmospheric Flows J.-P. Chollet Large Eddy Simulations of Atmospheric Boundary Layers over Heated

Bulletin 15

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Bulletin 14

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Bulletin 01

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Bulletin 00

Bulletin 00, May 1992 ERCOFTAC Bulletin Special Issue - Pilot Centres (PC) Belgium Belgium Pilot Centre Netherlands Dutch J.M. Burgers Pilot Centre France P.E.P.I.T. Pilot Centre France South Pilot Centre France West Pilot Centre Germany Aachen Pilot Centre Germany Sauth Pilot Centre