Bulletin 38

Turbulent Engine Combustion

Optical Diagnostics in Gas Turbine Burners
A. Arnold, R. Bombach, W. Hubschmid and B. K?ppeli

Research on Turbulent Engine Combustion
K. Boulouchos, B. Ineichen and M.K. Eberle

Swedish Center of Excellence in Internal Combustion Engines
A. Karlström and E. Olsson

Diesel Combustion - a Hierarchy of Simple Effects?
E. Winklhofer

Modern Optical Measurement Techniques Applied in a Rapid Compression Machine for the Investigation of Internal Combustion Engine Concepts
P. Prechtl, F. Dorer, B. Ofner, S. Eisen and F. Mayinger

Detailed Numerical Modelling and Experimental Investigation of Combustion Processes in Otto-Engines
A. Dreizler, P. Pixner, R. Schiessl and U. Mass

Determination of Thermo-Acoustic Transfer Matrices by Experimental and Computational Fluid Dynamics
W. Polifke and C.O. Paschereit

The Use of Flamelet Models in CFD - Simulations
N. Peters

The Role of Optical Diagnostics in the Design and Development of Gasoline Direct Injection Engines
G. Wigley and G.K. Hargrave

3D Modelling of Intake, Injection and Combustion in a DI-SI Engine under Homogeneous and Stratified Operating Conditions
J.-M. Duclos and M. Zolver