Bulletin 106

Transition Modelling

Theme Issue on Transition Modelling
E. Dick & W. Elsner

The Role of Linear Perturbation Methods in Transition Prediction
M. W. Johnson

On Hypersonic Boundary Layer Transition: Role of Streaks
J. Ren and S. Fu

Theory and Simulations of Bypass Transition in Two-Fluid Boundary Layers
T. A. Zaki and J. Page

A Contribution to Investigations of the Leading Edge Shape Eff ect on the Flat Plate Boundary Layer Transition
P. Jonas and P. P. Antos

Experimental Investigations on the Unsteady Transition Process of the Suction Side Boundary Layer of LPT Blades
D. Lengani, D. Simoni, M. Ubaldi, P. Zunino and F. Bertini

Vortical Structures and Transition on Rotating Cones, Swept Cylinders and Turbomachinery Blades
J. P. Gostelow, S. J. Garrett, A. Rona and W. A. McMullan

Advancements in the LCTM Approach to Modelling Laminar-Turbulent Transition
F. R. Menter and P. Smirnov

On the Development of a Phenomenological Transition Model for Turbomachinery Flows
V. Marciniak

An Intermittency Transport Model for Transitional Flows on Smooth and Rough Walls
L. Wei, X. Ge, J. George and P. Durbin

An Algebraic Transition Model Combined with The k-omega Rans Model for Turbomachinery Use
S. Kubacki and E. Dick

Transition Modelling in Internal and External Aerodynamics Using Various Transition Models
J. Prıhoda, J. Furst, P, Straka, P. Louda and M. Koˇz´ıˇsek

Adapting the gamma-Re-omega Transition Model to a k-epsilon Turbulence Modeling Framework
A. Minot, J. Marty, J. Perraud and G. Casalis

Numerical Investigation of Surface Roughness Effect with Intermittency Transport Model
W. Elsner and P. Warzecha

Comparison of RANS and Embedded LES Calculations with Measurements of Transitional Flow Along a Flat Plate
P. Bader, W. Sanz, C. Steinmayr and P. Leit

Application Challenges for Transition Prediction Techniques in an Unstructured CFD Code
A. Krumbein, N. Krimmelbein, C. Grabe and N. Shengyang

Integration of a DBD Plasma Actuator Model in Transitional Turbulence Modeling
P. Kaparos, Z. Vlahostergios and K. Yakinthos


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