Fluid Structure Interaction

Purpose and focus of SIG

The activity of SIG 41 includes many issues, from theoretical developments to applications involving coupling between the dynamics of a fluid and a solid. The objectives of this SIG are to bring together the competence of the scientific communities of aerodynamics, thermohydraulics and solid dynamics. The expected benefits from this ensemble of competence will contribute to a better understanding of the flow-induced vibrations and dynamic instability occurring in the presence of turbulent flows, by a triple approach: theoretical, numerical and experimental. This SIG has strong links with industrial partners in the above topics.

Fundamentals and multi-physics coupling analysis

This item is devoted to comprehension of fundamental physics involving fluid and structure coupling, focusing on loading identification and their effects in terms of deformation, wear and vibratory fatigue of mechanical components. This activity is based on developments on multi-physics data analysis treatment and space-time filtering at the interface. Reduced modeling techniques are also considered.

Interface modeling

This issue includes the activity on computational coupled fluid structure dynamics, investigating numerical methods for simulation of flow-induced vibrations, vortex-induced vibrations and turbulence effects in the presence of moving wall boundaries. Code benchmark is considered but also validation on experimental data and application to practical configurations from industrial domains like civil engineering, nuclear engineering, bio-mechanics, aeroelasticity.

New scales in experiments

Large programs involving mixed hydraulics and vibrations measurements are considered through partnerships. Simplified configurations are investigated in order to focus on isolated physical mechanisms responsible for instability development. Coupled fluid loading are characterized and corresponding models are built in order to improve mathematical modeling of moving fluid structure interface.

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