Bulletin 68


A.A. van Steenhoven

Biomechanics of Aquatic Micro-Organisms
T.J. Pedley

On the Geometry Dependence of the Nose Flow
I. Hoerschler, W. Schröder

Blood Flow Measurements in Micro-Vessels
P. Vennemann, M. Pourquie, J. Westerweel

Geometrical Multiscale Modelling in the Cardiovascular System
A. Veneziani

Left Ventricular Fluid Dynamics
G. Pedrizzetti

Flow in Artificial Valves and Pulsatile Blood Pumps
U. Kertzscher, L. Goubergrits, K. Affeld

Thermal Problems in Hard and Soft Tissue Biomechanics
M. Stanczyk

Coupled Heat Transfer Processes in a Double Wall Infant Incubator
A.J. Nowak, M.K. Ginalski, L.C. Wrobel

Modelling Heat Transfer in Humans
A.J.H. Frijns, G.M.J. van Leeuwen, A.A. van Steenhoven