Bulletin 114, March 2018


The latest Theme issue (114, March 2018) is devoted to Geophysical, Environmental and even Astrophysical Flows and one of the common discussed topics is the role of body forces in fluids. The issue contains eleven papers, which concerns some aspect of this topic. The basic aspect that Geophysical and Astrophysical Turbulence has, among many others, is the lack of homogeneity, and the lack of isotropy. This issue draws attention to the fact that mixing process occurring in geophysical situations is often produced under strong horizontal variation of energy inputs, and is associated with the formation of fronts, such as the solar wind. It is also interesting to note that the body forces, that apply to the mass (volume) of the fluid have the ability of supporting waves, such as surface, internal, rotating, magnetic, Alfven, Coriolis, Rossby, etc. The description of the experiment and numerical simulations affecting turbulence in a complex way as examples of the characteristics of mixing in Geophysical situations are also presented, in several of the contents of this Issue. The different scaling and advanced data analysis, such as extended self-similarity, fractal and multifractal analysis, internal waves or convection in enclosures, of solar wind, coastal mixing in the ocean or ventilation related mixing efficiency are also addressed. 

Table of Contents: 

PREFACE: Geophysical and Astrophysical Turbulence
J. M. Redondo, Y. Chashechkin, C. Cambon, A. Carrillo, L. Sorriso-Valvo and F Nicolleau

Experiments on the Mixing of Plume/Jet Arrays in Quiescent and Turbulent Buoyancy Driven Flows
E.Sekula, I. Van der Voor and P. L.Gonzalez-Nieto

Analysis of Vortex Structures Dynamics in the Atmospheric Boundary Layer Using LES and POD
S.V.Strijhak and M.D.Kalugin

Numerical Simulation of Wave Instabilities and Cascades in Internal Wave Attractors
I. Sibgatullin, C. Brouzet, E.V.Ermanyuk, S. Joubaud and T. Dauxois

Convective Thermoelectric Driven Experiments
J.D. Tellez, J.M. Sanchez and J.M. Redondo

Numerical Study of Stratification Effects on Local Wind Flow and Pollution Dispersion
T. Bodnar and Ph. Fraunie

Description of Particle Vertical Transportin the Lagrangian Trajectory Model IL-GLOBO
D. Rossi and A. Maurizi

The Role of Density Fluctuations in Polar Solar Wind Turbulence 
R. Marino and L. Sorriso-Valvo

Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Free Surface Flow in an Open Channel with Ribbed Bottom 
T. Bodnar J. Prihoda, J. Sulc and P. Zubik

Spiral Eddies in the Ocean Surface; Fractal Scaling, Topology, Complex Patterns and Diffusion
S. Karimova, J. M. Redondo, M. D. Rilova and M. O. Bezerra

Non-homogeneous Forced Turbulence in Enclosures
I. R. Cantalapiedra, J. M. Redondo, R. Kharchi and M. A. Sanchez

Richmyer-Meshkov and Rayleigh-Taylor Induced Mixing in Laboratory Experiments
J. M. Redondo, A. Lawrie and T. Vila


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