Bulletin 72

Wall Modelling in LES: Method Development and Application

S. Jakirlic

Atmospheric Boundary Layers over Rough Terrain
M. Abouali, B. J. Geurts, A. Gieske

Wall Models for LES of Separated Flows
M. Breuer

Hybrid LES-RANS: Estimating Resolution Requirements using Two-Point Correlations and Spectra
L. Davidson

Computational Methods Combining LES with approximate Wall-Layer Models for Predicting Separated Turbulent Near-Wall Flows
M.A. Leschziner, N. Li and F. Tessicini

Wall Treatment in LES by RANS Models: Method Development and Application to Aerodynamic Flows and Swirl Combustors
B. Knieser, S. Šaric, A. Mehdizadeh, S. Jakirlic, K. Hanjalic, C. Tropea, D. Sternel, F. Gauß, M. Schäfer

An Advanced Hybrid LES-RANS Method
M. Breuer, B. Jaffrézic

Near Wall Treatment in LES with an Explicit Algebraic Subgrid Stress Model
L. Marstorp, G. Brethouwer, A. V. Johansson

On Partially Integrated Transport Models for Subgrid-Scale Modelling
R.Schiestel, B Chaouat

Renormalization Group Based Hybrid RANS/LES Modelling
Ch. De Langhe, B. Merci, E. Dick

Implicit Large-Eddy Simulations of Wall-Bounded Turbulent Flows
D. Drikakis, M. Hahn, Z. Malick, E. Shapiro

On LES and DES of Wall Bounded Flows
C. Fureby


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