Bulletin 80

Transition Modelling

E Dick, W Elsner

DNS of transition in turbomachinery
J Wissink

Laminar-turbulent transition in boundary layers on axial turbomachine blades
G J Walker, J P Gostelow

Turbulent spots detection during boundary layer by-pass transition
P Jonas, W Elsner, O Mazur, V Uruba, M Wysocki

Wavelet analysis of the wake negative and positive jets influence on the laminar-turbulent transition
Z Wiercinski

An experimental study of the Reynold number influence on a laminar separation bubble
D Lengani, D Simoni, M Ubaldi, P Zunino, F Bertini

Efforts to model boundary layer separation induced transition using a non-linear eddy viscosity model and a Reynolds stress model
Z Vlahostergios, K Yakinthos, A Goulas

Appliction of the zeta-f function turbulence model to steady transitional flow
M E Kelterer, K Ramadani, R Pecnik, W Sanz

Steady numerical investigations of the transition process on an axial multistage high pressure compressor
J Marty, G Cottin, B Aupoix

The LCTM approach to modelling laminar-turbulent transition
F R Menter, R B Langtry

Transition modelling with intermittency transport equations
W Elsner, W Piotrowski, P Warzecha

Calibrating the gamma-Re transition model
P Malan, K Suluksna, E Juntasaro

Overview of the wake-induced transition modelling for axial compressors
A Beevers, J Teixeira, R Wells

An intermittency transport model for wake-induced transition
E Dick, S Kubacki

Physical interpretation of transition sensitive RANS models employing the laminar kinetic energy concept
K Walters

Modelling by-pass transition and separation-induced transition by reference to pre-transitional fluctuation energy
S Lardeau, A Fadai-Ghotbi, M Leschziner

en : why it works; when it doesn't; what's next
C Atkin

Comparison between the wall roughnesseffect and freestrean turbulence impact and their joint action on the boundary layer development
P Jonas, O Mazur, V Uruba

Bypass transition induced by roughness elements: Prediction using a model based on Klebanoff modes amplification
O Vermeersch, D Arnal


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