Bulletin 20

Turbulent Combustion Modelling

Mathematical Models of Combustion and their Experimental Validation
D. Bradley

A Review of Turbulent Combustion Modeling
S. Candel, D. Veyante, F. Lacas, N. Darabiha, M. Baum and T. Poinsot

Modelling of Combustion in SI Engines with the Coherent Flamelet Model
T. Baritaud, T. Poinsot, S. Henriot, A. Torres, G. Bruneaux and D. Veyante

Computational Fluid Dynamics in Combustion: Some Thoughts
B. Rogg

Stochastic Modelling of Turbulent Reactive Systems
C. Dopazo, J. Martín, N. Fueyo, J.C. Larroya and L. Vali?o

Fractal Processes and Chemical Reaction in Turbulent Flows
F. Nicolleau and J. Mathieu

Improved Parameters for Calculating Total Emittances of H2O and CO2 Based on the Use of High-Resolution Spectral data
T. Wolf, C. Niehörster, D. Brüggemann and K.F. Knoche

Characterization of Interfaces and Intermaterial Surfaces for the Classification of Turbulent Diffusion Flames
A. Cavaliere, M. El-Naggar and R. Ragucci

Triple Flames and Flaming Vortices
J.W. Dold

Numerical Modeling of Turbulent Jet Diffusion
A. Crespo and J. Hernandez

Turbulent Combustion Modelling at UMIST
R.S. Cant


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