Bulletin 131, July 2022

Table of Contents:

Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) and the International SPHERIC Community
B. D. Rogers

Local Numerical and Experimental Comparisons of a Tire Rolling Over a Puddle of Water Using a Coupled SPH-FE Strategy and the r-PIV Technique
A. Ben Khodja, C. Hermange, S. Simoens, M. Michard, D. Le Touze and G. Oger

Advancements in Snow Soiling Simulations Using SPH
M. Majda, F. Meyer and S. Joshi

SPH Prediction of Energy Dissipation in a Sloshing Tank Subjected to Vertical Harmonic Excitations
S. Marrone, F. Saltari, J. Michel and F. Mastroddi

Innovative Fragmentation Modelling of Hypervelocity Impacts
A. Colle, J. Limido and T. Unfer

SPHinXsys and its Application in Cardiac Modeling
C. Zhang and X. Hu


Workshop and Summer School Reports

16th SPHERIC International Workshop
G. Bilotta


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