Bulletin 121, December 2019

Table of Contents: 

Progress in RANS-based Scale-Resolving Flow Simulation Methods II
S. Jakirlic

RANS-based Sub-scale Modelling in Eddy-resolving Simulation Methods
S. Jakirlic, M. Bopp, C-Y. Chang, F. K¨ohler, B. Krumbein, L. Kutej, D. Kutemeier, I. Maden, R. Maduta, M. Ullrich and S. Wegt and C. Tropea

Elliptic-Relaxation Hybrid RANS-LES (ER-HRL) for Complex Wall-Bounded Fluid and Heat Flows
M. Hadziabdic and K. Hanjalic

Partially Averaged Navier-Stokes (PANS) Scale Resolving Simulations: From Fundamentals to Engineering Applications
B. Basara and S. S. Girimaji

Applications of an Embedded Seamless Hybrid RANS/LES Approach for Turbulent Dispersion over Complex Urban Areas
S. Kenjeres

Hybrid URANS/LES Approaches for Internal Combustion Engine Simulations
F. Held and C. Hasse

Morphing for Smart Wing Design through RANS/LES Methods
A. Marouf, N. Simiriotis, J-B. To, J-F. Rouchon, Y. Hoarau and M. Braza

Recent Studies on Instabilities and Transition of High-Speed Flows
S. Fu and Z. Xiao

Towards a Separation Sensitive Explicit Algebraic Reynolds Stress RANS Model
S. Monte, L. Temmerman, B. Tartinville, B. Leonard and Ch. Hirsch


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