Bulletin 86

Fluid Structure Interaction

Editorial - Fluid Structure Interaction
E. Longatte, M. Braza

Immersed Stress Method for Solving Fluid-Structure Interaction
E. Hachem, S. Feghali, T. Coupez

A General Partitioned Fluid Structure Interaction Model for Non-Matching Unstructured Mesh 
K. Suresh, A. Kumar, A. Tripathi

Reduced Order Model in Fluid Structure Interaction via POD-Mutliphase Formulation
E. Liberge, A. Hamdouni, M. Pomarede

Fluid-Structure Interaction: A Brief Review of Existing Strategies
M. Ya-alimadad, K. Davey, R. Prosser

U-RANS Simulation of Fluid Forces Exerted upon an Oscillating Tube Array in Axial Flow at Large Keulegan-Carpenter Numbers 
L. Divaret, P. Moussou, O. Cadet, J. Berland, O. Doaré

Coupling a 3D Navier-Stokes with Free-Surface Model with Geometrically Non-Linear Structures 
C. Kassiotis

Simulation of Fluid Flow on a Tube Bundle System Using a POD-ROM Approach 
M. Pomarède, E. Liberge, A. Hamdouni, E. Longatte, J.-F. Sigrist

Chimera Method Applied to the Simulation of Static and Moving Confined Objects
T. Deloze, Y. Hoarau, J. Dusek

A Partitioned Fluid-Solid Coupling Scheme for Numerical Simulations of Complex Flow-Structure Interactions
J. Berland, Y. Jus, E. Longatte, F. Baj

Introduction on Large Eddy Simulation of a Single Cylinder Vortex Induced Vibration under Subcritical Cross Flow  
Y. Jus, E. Longatte, J.-C. Chassaing, P. Sagaut

Simulation of Fluid Structue Interaction in a Tube Array under Cross Flow at High Reynolds Number 
T. Marcel, M. Braza, Y. Hoarau, G. Harran, F. Baj, J.-P. Magnaud, E. Longatte 


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