Bulletin 30

Particle Image Velocimetry

The Need for Advanced Flow Measurement Techniques in Europe
D. Knörzer

GARTEUR Activity on PIV: AD (AG19) Action Group on the Applicability of PIV to Large Scale Wind Tunnels
M. Stanislas

EUROPIV: A Cooperative Action to Apply Particle Image Velocimetry to Problems of Industrial Interest
M. Stanislas

European Collaboration on Development and Application of Particle Image Velocimetry between Industry, Research Organizations and Universities
J. Kompenhans and M. Stanislas

Fully-developed Turbulent Pipe Flow; a comparison between PIV and DNS
J. Westerweel

Study of a Horseshoe Vortex by LDV and PIV
J.C. Monnier and M. Stanislas

A Two-camera Image Acquisition System for DPIV
M. Hammache

The Interest of Holography for P.I.V. Measurements
H. Royer

3-D Particle Tracking Velocimetry: A Videogrammetric Approach
Th. Dracos and M. Virant

A PIV System for the Measurement of Compressible Air Flows and its Application for Transonic Gas Turbine Optimization
M. Raffel, C. Willert and J. Kompenhans

Phase-separation of PIV Measurements in Two-phase Flow by Applying a Dicital Mask Technique
L. Gui and W. Merzkirch