Bulletin 36

Modelling of Dispersed Turbulent Two-phase Flows

Lagrangian Scheme for Particle Tracking in Non-isotropic Turbulence
A. Berlemont, Z. Chang and G. Gouesbet

Efficient Stochastic-Probabilistic Modeling of Dilute Turbulent Two-Phase Flows
X.-Q. Chen and J.C.F. Pereira

Transport and Deposition of Inertial Particles in Turbulent Pipe Flow
L.I. Zaichik

Multiphase Flow Research at the LMFA
R. Perkins

Recent Developments in Two-Fluid Modeling of Dispersed Particle Flows
M.W. Reeks

The Euler-Euler Approach to Dispersed Two-Phase Flows in the Turbulent Regime
H.E.A. Van den Akker

The Stochastic Approach to Model Inter-particle Collisions in the Frame of the Euler / Lagrange Approach
M. Sommerfeld


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