Bulletin 76

Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics

Smoothed-particle hydrodynamics emerges in CFD mainstream
D Violeau, N J Quinlan

Exact kernel integration in smoothed particle hydrodynamics
M Basa, N J Quinlan, M Lastiwka

Visualisation and analysis of SPH data
J Biddiscombe, D Graham, P Maruzewski, R Issa

Pressure measurements in 2D sloshing with SPH
L Delorne, M A Celigueta, M A Onate, A Souto-Iglesias

Coupling between roll motion and 2D sloshing
L Delorne, C Lopez Pavon, E Botia-Vera, R Zamora-Rodriguez

SPHERIC Benchmark test case number 5: Sensitivity analysis to numerical and physical parameters
D Violeau, R Issa

A new treatment of solid boundaries for the SPH method
J-C Marongiu, F Leboeuf, E Parkinson

Water wave propagation using SPH methods
P-M Gulcher, D Le Touzé, B Alessandrini, P Ferrant

A New parallelized 3D SPH model: Resolution of water entry problems and scalability study
G Oger, D Le Touzé, B Alessandrini, R Maruzewski

SPH simulation of local process
S Sibilla

Multiphase flow in porous media
A M Tartakovsky, P Meakin, A L Ward

A new stable and consistent version of the SPH method in Lagrangian coordinates
A Ferrari, M Dumbser, E F Toro, A Armanini