Bulletin 62

New Development in Numerical Methods for CFD

Ch. Hirsch and D. Laurence

Future Trends in the Industrial Practice on CFD
A.G. Hutton

Improved Numerical Methods for CFD Solutions on Unstructured Meshes
C. Choudhury, S.E. Kim, B.P. Makarov, C. Carey

Industrial CFD and Hexahedral Based Unstructured CFD
Ch. Hirsch, A. Patel, B. Leonard

Flow Simulation Using Control Volumes of Arbitrary Polyhedral Shape
M. Peric

A Coupled Pressure and Temperature Correction Algorithm for all Mach Numbers
K. Nerinckx, J. Vierendeels, E. Dick

High-Resolution Methods for Imcompressible, Compressible and Low-Speed Variable Density Flows
D. Drikakis, M. Hahn, S. Patel, E. Shapiro

A Numerical Method for Turbulent Flows over Complex Geometries
S. Leonardi, P. Orlandi

Modelling Turbulent Free Surface Flows with Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics
D. Violeau, R. Issa


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