Bulletin 132, September 2022

Table of Contents:

Advances in Mathematical Modeling and Experimental Techniques for Quantification and Prediction of Fluid Dynamic Noise: Recent Italian Contributions
V. Armenio

Options for an Underwater Noise Monitoring Scheme in Italian Territorial Waters
F. Borsani, A. Azzellino , M. Ceraulo and A. Maglio

The Full Acoustic Analogy for Simulation of Noise Generation and Propagation in Realistic Basins
G. Petris, M. Cianferra and V. Armenio

Unconventional Methods for the Diagnostics of the Sound Generation Mechanisms in a Naval Vessel
G. Micci, E. De Paola and M. Felli

Experimental Analysis of Aerodynamic Noise Generated by a Multi-Orifice Plate in a Pipe
L. N. Quaroni and S. Malavasi

A Computational Method for Aerodynamics and Aeroacoustics of Deformable Bodies
M. Gennaretti, B. De Rubeis, C. Poggi and G. Bernardini

UNIGE Activities in the Context of Ship URN
S. Gaggero, E. Rizzuto, G. Tani, D. Villa and M. Viviani

The Statistics of the Near Field-Pressure of Compressible Subsonic Jets under Different Initial Conditions
R. Camussi, S. Meloni and C. Bogey

Hydrodynamic Noise in the Framework of Pump Eco-design
A. Carravetta, O. Fecarotta and R. Montillo


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