Structure of ERCOFTAC

The ERCOFTAC Association is made of 5 administrative bodies:

General Assembly

The ERCOFTAC General Assembly is the top level decision making body in ERCOFTAC. It is composed of representatives of each voting member, and meets in general once per year.

Management Board

The ERCOFTAC Association is managed by the Management Board which is composed of elected representatives of the voting members. The Board usually meets once a year, in the autumn. The Management Board elects among its members a Chairman, a Deputy Chairman, and a Treasurer. Either the Chairman or the Deputy Chairman is from industry; the other is from the research register. The Deputy Chairman is normally expected to become the next Chairman of ERCOFTAC.

Executive Committee

An Executive Committee, consisting of Board officers and elected representatives of the Board and of the Members, is responsible for the daily course of affairs, and ordinarily meets once a year in the spring. 

Scientific Programme Committee

The General Assembly established the Scientific Programme Committee which recommends the research goals of ERCOFTAC and proposes special activities.

Knowledge Network Committee

The Managing Board has approved the creation of the Knowledge Network Committee, which advises on, and clarifies, 21st century industrial needs and provides products & services to meet those needs by drawing on ERCOFTAC's strong scientific base. The SPC and KNC Chairmen are appointed by the General Assembly, usually with the advice of the Board. The SPC and KNC Chairman are members of the Board.