SIG 20: European Drag Reduction and Flow Control, Cambridge, UK, March 22-27,2015,

SIG 33:11th ERCOFTAC Workshop – Progress in Transition Modelling and Control,,Jersey,UK, April 15-17 2015

SIG35,SIG24: A Systems Approach to Turbulence with Scalar Transport, Buoyancy Effects and Possible Confinement, Paris, France, May 5-6 2015

SIG 28 5th Workshop on Measurement and Computation of Turbulent Spray Combustion (TCS5), June 7, 2015, Sheraton Rhodes Resort Hotel, Rhodes, Greece 

SIG 42,SIG45: Synthetic Flow Structure – Clustering and Modelling, Lyons France, June 29-30 2015

SIG12: 14th Workshop on Two – Phase Flow Predictions,Halle,Germany, 7-10 September 2015

PC France West: Understanding and Harnessing Turbulence Honouring W.K George on Occasion of His 70th Birthday, 20-24 April 2015