Turbulence, Waves and Instabilities in Geophysical and Astrophysical Flows

In the last few years breakthrough technologies have made it possible the investigation of extreme environments such as the deep ocean, planetary atmospheres, the heliosphere and the Sun itself. Thanks to the unprecedented resolutions achieved by modern "in-situ" and remote sensing instruments, and the evolution of high performance computing (HPC), research on geophysical and astrophysical flows has become indispensable to advance knowledge on fundamental plasma and fluid dynamics, verify turbulence theories and confirm predictions of statistical mechanics.

A synergistic approach leveraging the combination of observational missions, laboratory experiments, numerical simulations and theoretical modeling - all oriented to the investigation of these natural frameworks - allowed as well major engineering applications with clear benefits for the society, such as: the development of high resolution climate and space weather models, the design of next generation fusion plasma machines, and the manufacturing of devices based on sound and electromagnetic waves technologies for civil and scientific purpose (radar, lidar, ultra-sonic probes, satellites for telecommunications, etc.).

Main mission of SIG50 will be to gather scientists interested in conducting research on geophysical and astrophysical flows to the aim of understanding underlying dynamics, achieve fundamental knowledge of the physical phenomena involved and develop cutting-edge engineering applications. This interdisciplinary group will have the merit of driving the exchange of expertise and resources between the geo- and astro/space- sciences communities and the community of scientists and engineers working on fundamental and industrial multi-scale fluids and plasmas.

The return from the initiatives organized by SIG50 is expected to be excellent in terms of the creation of new collaborations between public/academic and possibly also private partners and - as a direct consequence - the delivery of products, namely scientific publications, patents and not less important outreach materials and events. 

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ERCOFTAC Workshop ASTROFLU VI 23rd - 24th May 2024 Ecole Centrale de Lyon, Ecully (near Lyon, France) Coordinators: Prof. Claude Cambon Organisers: PC Henri Bénard , SIG35, SIG14 , SIG50 / LMFA Aim: The aim of our new ASTROFLU VI workshop is to once again gather, mainly in

23 May 2024

Turbulent Energy Transfer in Space Plasmas

E​RCOFTAC Workshop Turbulent Energy Transfer in Space Plasmas 29th - 31st August 2023 Ecole Centrale de Lyon in Écully - France D​escription: The 99% of the visible universe is made of plasma, a gas of charged particles known as the "fourth

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Modal Projection, Stochastic and Subgrid-scale Modelling on Turbulent Flows

E​RCOFTAC SIG35, SIG42, SIG50, SIG14, PC Henri Benard Modal Projection, Stochastic And Subgrid-Scale Modelling On Turbulent Flows Projection modale et modèles stochastiques pour les écoulements turbulents 22nd - 23rd May 2023 The CIRM, Luminy, near Marseille, France Preliminary programme

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ERCOFTAC Workshop ASTROFLU V 7th - 8th December 2021 Ecole Centrale de Lyon, amphi 203 Ecully (near Lyon, France) Coordinators: Prof. Claude Cambon and Prof. Tomas Bodnar Organisers: PC Henri Bénard , SIG35, SIG14 , SIG50 / LMFA Local scientific and organising committee

7 Dec 2021

Multiscale and directional approach to single-phase and two-phase flows POSTPONED !!!

Workshop on "Multiscale and directional approach to single-phase and two-phase flows" Location: Ecole Centrale de Lyon, France Date: 12th - 13th November 2020 POSTPONED !!! New date to be confirmed SIG: SIG35, SIG39, SIG50, PC Henry Bénard Organisers: Mikhael Gorokhovski ( LMFA,

12 Nov 2020

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Workshop ‘Turbulent Energy Transfer in Space Plasmas’ - Report

Workshop "Turbulent Energy Transfer in Space Plasmas" organised by SIG50 with the support of SIG35 and Henri Bénard pilot centre took place on the 27th - 29th August 2023 at the École Centrale de Lyon, Écully, France. Local Organizing Committee: R. Marino (chair), E. Lévêque (chair), R. Foldes, H.

20 Mar 2024

This year we celebrate 30 Years of ERCOFTAC

In 1985 a group of leading European Fluid Mechanics experts started to discuss steps for initiating strong interaction and cooperation between Research and Industry in Europe. Initially their idea was to create a European Research and SuperComputer Centre, but they found that this was not

2 Nov 2018

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