Bulletin 34

Problems of Turbulence in Supersonic Flows: A European View

Compressibility and Low-Rexnolds Modelings in k-e Calculations of Wall Bounded Shear Flows
R. Arina and H. Guillard

Compressibility Effect on the 2D and 3D Vortex Structures in a Transonic Flow around a Wing
A. Bouhadji and M. Braza

SIG on Shock/Boundary-Layer Interaction Workshop
M.A. Leschziner, P. Batten and H. Loyau

Double-pulse and Tomographic Interferometry for Compressible Turbulent Flows
B. Timmermann and B. van Oudheusden

Compressible Shear Flows in Large-Eddy Simulation
P. Comte and M. Lesieur

Shock Turbulence Interaction
R. Friedrich and R. Hannappel

Research at the LMFA on Turbulent and Transitional Flows Affected by Compressibility
C. Cambon, M. Buffat and J.-P. Bertiglio

Experiments on Interfacial Instability Induced Turbulent Mixing in Shock Tubes
J.F. Haas and L. Houas

Supersonic Turbulent Mixing Layer
S. Barre and P. Dupont


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