Purpose and focus of the Pilot Centre

The Polish PC contributes to the following SIGs:

SIG 1: Large Eddy Simulation
SIG 10: Transition Modelling
SIG 14: Stably Stratified and Rotating Turbulence
SIG 36: Swirling Flows
SIG 37: Bio-Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer
SIG 41: Fluid Structure Interaction
SIG 42: Synthetic Models in Turbulence
SIG 43: Fibre Suspension Flows

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XXIII Fluid Mechanics Conference 2018

XXIII Fluid Mechanics Conference 2018 Date: 09/09/2018 - 12/09/2018 Location: Zawiercie, Poland CN2018-02 Organiser: PC Poland  Coordinators:  ERCOFTAC Member:  September 09-12 2018 Zawiercie, Poland

9 Sep 2018

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This year we celebrate 30 Years of ERCOFTAC

In 1985 a group of leading European Fluid Mechanics experts started to discuss steps for initiating strong interaction and cooperation between Research and Industry in Europe. Initially their idea was to create a European Research and SuperComputer Centre, but they found that this was not

2 Nov 2018

13th ERCOFTAC Da Vinci Competition 2018 - Results Update

18th October 2018 Warsaw, University of Technology, Poland  The 13th EROFTAC da Viinci Competition was won by: Dr Markus Schremb from Technische Universit√§t Darmstadt, Germany for his work " Hydrodynamics and Thermodynamics of  Ice Accretion through Impact

19 Oct 2018