Bulletin 24


Transition Modelling for Turbomachinery Flows
J. Coupland

Modelling the Transition Region
J.P. Gostelow

Modelling the Transition: Experimental and Numerical Studies
A. Goulas, N. Kyriakides and K. Yakinthos

Intermittency Distribution in Attached and Separated Boundary Layers
B.K. Hazarika and Ch. Hirsch

A Two-Layer Turbulence Model for the Calculation of Transitional Boundary Layers
K. Sieger, R. Schiele, F. Kaufmann, S. Wittig and W. Rodi

Development of Turbulence Models for Transition Prediction
J.R. Cho, T.J. Craft, B.E. Launder and K. Suga

Tha Prediction of Transition with an Elliptic Solver using Linear and Non-Linear Eddy-Viscosity Models
W-L. Chen, F.-S. Lien and M.A. Leschziner

Natural and By-Pass Transition with Applications in Aeronautics
R.A.W.M. Henkes, B.F.A. van Hest and D.M. Passchier

The SLY RST Intermittency Model for Predicting Transition
A.M. Savill

Two-Layer Model for Bypass Boundary Layer Transition
Z. Janour

Research on Bypass Transition at the Swedish ERCOFTAC PC
D.S. Henningson

The Application of a One-Equation Turbulence Model and an Experimental Study of Transition under Typical Turbomachinery Blades Conditions
V.I. Vasiliev, S.A. Zaitsev and F.V. Kazarin

A Boundary Layer Transition Integral Technique Using a New Turbulent Spot Model
M.W. Johnson

Numerical Simulation of Transition in a Separation Bubble
P.R. Voke and Z. Yang

A Summary Report on the COST ERCOFTAC Transition SIG Project Evaluating Turbulence Models for Predicting Transition
A.M. Savill

Transition Modelling by Conditionnally Averaged Equations
J. Steelant and E. Dick

Determination of the Intermittency Distribution in the Boundary Layer of a Flat Plate with C4 Leading Edge
A.I. Kalfas and R.L. ELder


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