Bulletin 96

 Reactive Flows and Combustion 

A Stress-Strain Lag Eddy Viscosity Model for Variable Density Flow
M. Assad R. Prosser, A. Revell and B. Sapaos

Report on the 13th An Evolution Equation for Flame Turbulence Interaction in Premixed Turbulent Combustion
U. Ahmed, R. Prosser and A. J. Revell

Multiphase Turbulent Combustion
H.R.C. Rodrigues and D.J.E.M. Roekaerts

Large-Eddy Simulation of Diluted Turbulent Spray Combustion Based on FGM Methodology
A. Sadiki, M. Chrigui, F. Sacomeno, J. Janicka and A. R. Masri

A Model for Auto-Ignition and Heat Release in Turbulent Flows and its Application to Thermoacoustic Analysis
R. Kulkarni, M. Zellhuber and W. Polifke

Large Eddy Simulation of a Stratified Turbulent Blu -Body Burner
S. Nambully, L. Vervisch, P. Domingo and V. Moureau

Detailed Characterization of Flame-Wall Interactions Using Laser Spectroscopy
M. Mann, C. Jainski, A. Dreizler and B. B¨ohm

Influence of Injector Diameter (0.2-1.2 mm Range) on Diesel Spray Combustion: Measurements and CFD Simulations
M. Bolla, Y. M. Wright, B. von Rotz and K. Boulouchos

Turbulent Combustion Under Supercritical Conditions
L. Selle

CFD-Simulation of LOX/H2 Injection, Mixing and Combustion at Supercritical Pressures
M. Jarczyk, S. Pohl, H. M¨uller and M. Pfitzner

Full-Scale Apartment Fire Tests (’Rabot2012’) in the Context of Fire Forecasting
T. Beji, S. Verstockt and B. Merci


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