Bulletin 115, June 2018

Table of Contents: 

Workshop and Summer School Reports:

Report on the 6th International Workshop on Turbulent Combustion of Sprays (TCS 6)
D. Roekaerts, E. Gutheil, B. Merci and A. Masri

Report on the International Workshop on the Complex Turbulent Flows
O. B. Mahjoub and A. Ouadoud

EUROMECH/ERCOFTAC Colloquium Turbulence Cascades II
M. Gorokhovski, J. Peinke, B. Geurts, C. Cambon and F.S. Godeferd

13th ERCOFTAC SIG 33 Workshop Progress in Flow Instability, Transition and Control
A. Cavalieri, A. Hanifi and D. S. Henningson

Pilot Centre Reports:

Report of the Alpe-Danube-Adria Pilot centre 21
H. Steiner


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