Large Eddy Simulation

Purpose and focus of SIG

Large-eddy simulation (LES) is a theoretical/numerical approach in which only the turbulence scales larger than a given dimension are directly simulated, while the effects of the smaller scales on the large-scale motion are modeled. Since the pioneering works in meteorology in the early 60s, LES methodology and applications experienced a remarkable and continuous development, especially starting from the 90s, thanks to the rapid growth of available computational resources. Nowadays, LES is used to investigate and predict several problems of technological interest and many natural flows. The focus of the SIG is particularly on those flow scenarios for which the use of LES is relatively new and further developments are required, for instance because of the presence of complex physical phenomena interacting with turbulence (combustion, multi-phase flows, compressible flows with shock waves, heat transfer, complex geometries and large scale problems…).
Furthermore, to establish the credibility of LES as a tool for industrial flow applications and for the study of complex-physics problems, clear standards and criteria to assess and predict the quality and the reliability of the simulation results should be devised.
The purpose of SIG1 is to bring together researchers and users of LES in different kinds of applications to:
(i) promote further methodological and computational improvements towards the application of LES to complex real-size technological and environmental problems;
(ii) enhance the knowledge on error sources and on their interaction in LES and to devise criteria for the prediction and optimization of simulation quality.

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