Bulletin 90


Direct Numerical Simulation of Airfoil Self-Noise
R. D. Sandberg and L. E Jones

Broadband Shock-Associated Noise in Screeching and Non-Screeching Underexpanded SUpersonic Jets
B. André, T. Castelain and C. Bailly

Impact of Homogeneous Density Distributions on Acoustic Sources in Turbulent Jets
S. R. Koh, G. Geiser, H. Foysi and W. Schröder

Numerical and Experimental Characterisation of Fan Noise Installation Effects 
D. - C. Mincu and E. Manoha

Simulations of Airfoil Noise with the Discontinuous Galerkin Slover Noisol
A. Birkefeld and C. D. Munz

Jet noise and Coherent Structures
A. V. G Cavalieri, P. Jordan and Y. Gervais

Computational Acoustics  and Aerodynamics: A multi-Objective & Component Outlook
P. G. Tucker

Analytical and Numerical Extensions of Amiet's Incoming Turbulence Noise Theory to Account for Near-Field Effects
J. Christophe, K. Kucukcoskun and C. Schram


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