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Dispersed Two-Phase Flows 2018 Meeting

DISPERSED TWO-PHASE FLOWS 2018 Meeting  organized by Société Hydrotechnique de France at ENSEEIHT, 2 rue Camichel, 31000 Toulouse 17-19 September 2018 Contact : For more information:

13th ERCOFTAC Da Vinci Competition 2018

18th October 2018 Warsaw, University of Technology, Poland  The ERCOFTAC da Vinci Prize for young researchers is awarded annually in recognition of an excellent PhD thesis in theoretical and applied fluid dynamics and outstanding scientific contributions with engineering relevance. The winner

ERCOFTAC and the General Data Protection Regulations

ERCOFTAC aim to offer a transparent view on how we use and store personal data in line with the  General Data Protection Regulations  which took effect in May 2018. We are obliged to keep your data safe and will  not pass on or sell any data we collect to any other

16th ERCOFTAC Osborne Reynolds Day

Entrants should have been notified regarding the selection of finalists by 6 th August, 2018. Read more 

Montestigliano Workshop 2018 - Deadline for applications: SUNDAY, 4th March, 2018

Montestigliano Workshop 2018:  Deadline for applications: SUNDAY,  4th March, 2018 The topic of 2018 edition is:  "Lattice Boltzmann methods for fluid flows" Read more

Quarterly Newsletter March 2018 Available NOW!

ERCOFTAC Newsletter is a medium intended to give a platform to have any FTAC event or project details shared with a wider audience and also to inform about the new advances in FTAC field.  Read Newsletter