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Course “Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV)” - Report

ERCOFTAC Course “Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV)” organised by Prof. Stefano Discetti and Prof. Miguel Mendez, SIG32 took place on the 15th - 18th November 2021 at von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics, Belgium From left to right: prof. S. Discetti, prof. M. Mendez, prof. T. Astarita,

17th UK Heat Transfer Conference (UKHTC-2021) - Call for Papers!

Following the postponement of the conference, the Organizing Committee will accept a number of additional high-quality papers: December 6th, 2021 - The new submission deadline for additional high-quality papers. To make such a submission an extended abstract of up to 3 pages in length, inclusive

ERCOFTAC Spring Festival 2022: 7th-8th April 2022

ERCOFTAC Spring Festival 2022 - the date has been announced: 7th - 8th April 2022 Organised by PC Czech Republic with location in Prague, Czech Republic Please save the date and do spread the word. Read more

ERCOFTAC Autumn Festival 2021

Thank you Prof Franco Rispoli and Prof Domenico Borello, the Coordinators of ERCOFTAC PC Italy, for hosting ERCOFTAC Autumn Festival 2021. During this hybrid meeting the first scientific day the Italian lecturers gave interesting presentations showing a wide range of activities PC Italy is

BPG for CFD for Dispersed Multi-Phase Flows 2021 with Problem Shooting Session - Feedback

ERCOFTAC course “BPG for CFD for Dispersed Multi-Phase Flows with Problem Shooting Session” "While 20 years ago the accuracy of dispersed multiphase flows was mainly governed by the limited computational capacity, nowadays the physical modeling poses the largest challenge" – Olivier Simonin,

Summer School ”Fluids under Control” 2021 - Report

ERCOFTAC Summer School ”Fluids under Control” organised by Tomas Bodnar, PC Czech Republic, took place on the 23rd - 27th August 2021 at Department of Technical Mathematics, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic. The summer school was organized as a