Bulletin 100

 Erosion Processes

Introduction to Special Theme: Erosion Processes

V Armenio

Numerical Simulation of Coastal Flow And Sediment Transport Over Rippled Beds

 G. A. Kolokythas, G. A. Leftheriotis and A. A. Dimas

Two-phase Flow Modelling for Sediment Transport: Application to Gravity-Driven Flows of Subaqueous Granular Beds

C. Varsakelis, D. Monsorno and M.V. Papalexandris

Mathematical Modelling of Discontinuous Open-Channel Flows Over Granular Beds

R.M.L. Ferreira, S. Amaral and B. Spinewine

Quadrant Analysis of Shear Events in Open Channel Flows Over Mobile and Immobile Hydraulically Rough Beds

M.J. Franca, B.O. Santos, F. Antico and R.M.L. Ferreira

Sediment Transport in Mountain Rivers

C. Ancey, P. Bohorquez and E. Bardou

Experiments on the Erosion Rate in a Mixture of Incoherent and Cohesive Sediments

R. Gaudio and F. Calomino

LES of Turbulent Flow with Suspended Particle Dynamics at High Volume Concentration
B. J. Geurts



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