Purpose and focus of the Pilot Centre

“The Brazil PC: The Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering – ABCM, which is a civil, nonprofit organization, of cultural and scientific character, founded in April 19, 1975, legally established in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil ( The objective of ABCM is to join individuals, scientific institutions and industry interested in contributing to the development of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering in order to:

-Promote research, and the exchange and diffusion of knowledge within the field of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering.

-Foster knowledge exchange among Universities, Research Institutes and Industry.
-Promote knowledge exchange with other technical and scientific institutes and associations in Brazil and abroad.

-Promote knowledge diffusion in Mechanical Sciences and Engineering through technical/scientific congress, symposia, conferences, courses and meetings.

The Brazil PC has currently 8 members and common research projects involve:
-Experimentation and phenomenological modeling of multiphase flow aiming to applications in the upstream oil & gas industry.
-Linear hydrodynamic stability theory applied to parallel separated flows, stratified and annular flow.
-Numerical simulation of two-phase flow: slug tracking and kinetics of hydrates formation.
-Numerical simulation of vortex shedding with turbulence modeling.
-Turbulence modeling based on non-Newtonian constitutive laws and coherent-structure identification.
-Subgrid modeling in large-eddy-simulations and error assessment strategy.
- Nanofluid Two-Phase Flow and Thermal Physics.

The Brazil PC has interest in the following SIGs:

-Large Eddy Simulation
-Transition Modeling
-Microscale Heat Transfer
-Dispersed Turbulent Two Phase Flow
-Turbulence Modelling

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    13th ERCOFTAC SIG 33 Workshop

    13th ERCOFTAC SIG 33 Workshop Date: 06/03/2018 - 08/03/2018 Location: Paraty, Brazil W2018-01 Organiser: SIG33     Coordinators: Cavalieri, A. , Hanifi, A. , Henningson, D. ERCOFTAC Member: Ardeshir Hanifi March 6-8 2018 Paraty, Brazil

    6 Mar 2018

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