Bulletin 44

Turbulence Control

Control of Turbulent Wall Flows
J. Jiménez, A. inelle and M. Uhlmann

Drag Reduction Research at the University of Nottingham
K.-S. Choi

DNS of Bounded Flows with Manipulated Walls
P. Orlandi, S. Leonardi

On STreaks in Free-stream Turbulence Induced Transition and their Control
F. Lundell, M. Matsubara and P.K. Alfredsson

Boundary Layer Control by Means of Electromagnetic Forces
T. Weier, U. Fey, G. Gerbeth, G. Mutschke and V. Avilov

Experimental Modeling of Seawater Electromagnetic Flow Control
J.-P. Thibault and L. Rossi

Modilation of Turbulent Boundary Layer by EHD Flows
A. Soldati

Control of Jets by Radial Fluid Injection
J. Delville, E. Collin, S. Lardeau, S. Denis, E. Lamballais, S. Barre and J.-P. Bonnet

The Development and Investigation of Synthetic Jets for Turbulent Flow Control
A. Crook, A.M. Sandri and N.J. Wood