Bulletin 137, December 2023

Table of Contents:

18th ERCOFTAC da Vinci Competition - Kamila Zdybał Wins the 18th Da Vinci Competition
M. V. Salvetti

Dynamics of Bubbles Across Scales
N. Hidman, H. Strom, S. Sasic and G. Sardina

Deep Recurrent Neural Networks for Optical Flow Learning in Particle-Image Velocimetry
C. Lagemann

Modal Scale Decomposition in Turbulent Flows
E. Lagemann nee Mateling

Mode Interactions in External Flows
J. Sierra-Ausin

Reduced-order Modeling of Turbulent Reacting Flows Using Data-driven Approaches
K. Zdybał

Workshop and Summer School Reports:

Workshop "Modal Projection, Stochastic and Subgrid-Scale Modelling of Turbulent Flows"
C. Cambon, P. Fraunie, A. Nowakowski and F. Raynal

Summer School and Workshop Prague-Sum 2023 "Stochastics in Fluids"
T. Bodnar

XXV Fluid Mechanics Conference
A. Kucaba - Pietal

Pilot Centre Reports:

Report from the UK Pilot Centre
M. Juniper, N. Daish

Obituary of Łukasz Kuban
W. Elsner, M. Marek


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