Drag Reduction and Flow Control

Purpose and focus of SIG

The Drag Reduction and Flow Control Special Interest Group (SIG) is one of the founding groups of ERCOFTAC Association when it was established in 1988. It has organised numerous specialised meetings - European Drag Reduction and Flow Control Meetings - on drag reduction and flow control so far, with the next meeting scheduled in September 2010.

Starting vortex

Within the Drag Reduction and Flow Control SIG, a coordination of experimental, numerical and analytical research into drag reduction and flow control using passive and active techniques is carried out, which includes riblets, LEBUs, polymer and surfactant additives, compliant coating, flow and wall oscillations, suction and blowing, MEMS, EMFC, synthetic jets, surface plasma, etc. We deal with  laminar as well as turbulent drag reduction and flow control in wide applications.

The SIG's main objectives are:

to bring together active researchers in an area of drag reduction and flow control to discuss the latest results; 

to identify area of passive and active devices in terms of industrial applications and technology transfer;

to encourage collaborations among researchers in Europe.