Bulletin 112, September 2017


The latest Theme issue (112, September 2017) is devoted to modelling & simulation in Oil & Gas industry. The issue contains six papers, which concerns some aspect of the key work carried out, from both academia and industry. The subject of interest covers various flow phenomena present in pumping, transmission and processing of oil/gas, divided into two domains, US (Upstream) and DS (Downstream) installations. In particularly the following issues are discussed, the problems of multiphase flows during oil extraction, pipeline erosion, flowline vibration and induced fatigue failure, problems of Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC), single phase modelling app on an LNG plant as well as to what extent the sector can take advantage of advanced modelling and simulation methods.

Table of Contents

Introduction to Special Theme: Modelling & Simulation in Oil & Gas

Experimental Analysis on Three-Phase Oil-Water-Air Flows in Vertical Pipes
C. A. M. Cavicchio, D. M. Rocha, J. L. Biazussi, M. S. De Castro, A. C. Bannwart, C. H. M. De Carvalho, V. Estevam and O. M. H. Rodriguez

Influence of Inter-Particle Collisions on Erosion of Pipe Bends
S. Lain and M. Sommerfeld

Integrity of Flowlines Using CFD and Random Vibration Theory
J. Renno and A. Pranzitelli

Modeling FCC Units - E_ect of Particle Size Distribution using CFD Simulations
A. Bakshi, S. Khanna, R. Venuturumilli, C. Altantzis and A.F. Ghoniem

Aerodynamic Effects of Wind on Air Cooled Heat Exchanger Performance in LNG Plants
S. Ulmer, R. Quist, R. Hoffmann and C. Windmeier

The Digital Network: Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), Modelling & Simulation,
Sub-Real Time Predictive and Maintenance


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