Bulletin 120, September 2019

Table of Contents: 

Progress in RANS-based Scale-Resolving Flow Simulation Methods
S. Jakirlic

Detached-Eddy Simulation: Steps towards Maturity and Industrial Value EDRFCM-2019
P. Spalart and M. Strelets

Hierarchical Turbulence and Geometry Modelling of Aeroengine Flows
Z-N. Wang, J. Tyacke, Y. Ma and P. Tucker

Hybrid RANS/LES Methodologies for External Aircraft Aerodynamics
A. Probst, S. Probst and D. G. Francois

A Quick Overview of the Capabilities of ZDES
S. Deck and N. Renard

Mathematical Framework of the PITM Method for the Simulation of Turbulent Flows
B. Chaouat and R. Schiestel

Hybrid Temporal LES: Development and Applications

Non-Zonal Detached Eddy Simulation Coupled with a Steady RANS Solver in the Wall Region
L. Davidson

Hybrid RANS/LES Applications at Dassault Aviation
F. Billard, F. Chalot, F. Dagrau, L. Daumas M. Mallet, Pierre-Elie Normand and P. Yser

Use of Anisotropic Linear Forcing for Complex Scale-resolving Simulation
S. Lardeau and L. Erbig

A Finite-element Viscosity Based Non-slip Wall Modelling Strategy for the Simulation of Industrial Turbulent Flows
H. Owen, S. Radhakrishnan, S. Gomez and O. Lehmkuhl

Coupled Hybrid RANS-LES Research at The University of Manchester
A. Revell, I. Afgan, A. E. A. Ali, M. C. Santasmasas, T. Craft, A. De Rosis, J. Holgate, D. Laurence, B. E. O. Iyamabo, A. Mole, B. Owen, M. Savoie, A. Skillen, J. Wang and X. Zhang

Grey-Area Mitigation in Scale-Resolving Simulations with Hybrid RANS-LES Methods
S-H. Peng


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