Bulletin 64

Reactive Flow Predictions and Validation

A. Turan

Criteria for Experimental Data of Turbulent Premixed Flames for Numerical Model Validation
F. Dinkelacker

Optimization of Global Reaction Mechanisms for Self-Ignition of Hydrocarbon Fuels at Elevated Preheat Temperature
C. Heinz, M. Brandt, W. Polifke

Modelling of Turbulent High-Pressure Real Gas Combustion in Rocket Motor and Gas Turbine Combustors and in Internal Combustion Engines
A. Brandl, I. Heckelmann, M. Pfitzner

Turbulence ? Chemistry Interaction in Turbulent Flame Simulations ? Transported Scalar PDF Approach
B. Merci, D. Roekaerts

Prediction of Flow and Scalar Fields in Combustion Systems Using Large Eddy Simulation und Unsteady Flamelet Approach
A. Sadiki, E. Wachter, B. Wegner, F. Flemming, J. Janicka

Direct Numerical Simulations of Turbulent Reacting Flows Using Accurate Physical Models
H. Shalaby, R. Hilbert, A. Laverdant, D. Thévenin

Analysis of Turbulent Flamelet Combustion
R. Bastiaans, J. van Oijen, Ph. de Goey

Turbulent Flame Propagation During Lean Combustion in DI-Gasoline Engines
S. Merkel, A. Nauwerck, M. Hunziger, S. Hensel, A. Velji, U. Spicher

Large-Eddy Simulation of Flow Phenomena in a Coaxial Jet Mixer
E. Hassel, N. Kornev, G. Steffen, I Tkatchenko, V. Zhdanov, S. Jahnke

Improved LES-, DES-, and SAS-Models for the CFD-Simulation of Chemically Reacting Flows
J. Carregal Ferreira, H. Forkel, R. Bender, F.R. Menter


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