Bulletin 46

Eddy Structures Identification

Recent Developments in Pattern Recognition Approaches for Eddy Identification
G.A. Kopp, A. Arenas, J. Ferre-Giné and F. Giralt

Spectra and Eddy Structure
J.C.R. Hunt and J.C. Vassilicos

CVS Filtering and Computation of Turbulent Mixing Layers Using Orthogonal Wavelets
K. Schneider and M. Farge

Vortex Recognition in Numerical Simulations
M. Lesieur, P. Begou, P. Comte and O. Métais

POD, LODS and LSE: their Links to Control and Simulation of Mixing Layers
J. Delville, E. Lamballais and J.-P. Bonnet

Linear Stochiastic Estimation of Velocity Entrance Signals for the L.E.S. of a Turbulent Flat Plate Boundary Layer
F. Péneau, D. Faghini and H.C. Boisson

Proper Orthogonal Decomposition and Low-Dimensional Modeling
B.H. Jørgensen and J.N. Sørensen

A Low Dimensional Description of the Axisymmetric Turbulent Jet: an Update
M.N. Glauser, J.A. Taylor, L.S. Ukeiley, W.K. George and J.H. Citrinti


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