Bulletin 129, December 2021

Table of Contents:

16th ERCOFTAC Da Vinci Competition

Ricardo Constante Amores wins 16th ERCOFTAC Da Vinci Price
S. Hickel

Nonlinear Dynamics in Transitional Wall-bounded Flows
M. Beneitez

Three-dimensional Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulations of Complex Multiphase Flows with Surfactants
C. Ricardo Constante-Amores

Detection of Intense Events in Wall-Bounded Turbulence
M. P. Encinar

Droplet Impact and Contact Angle Dynamics on Solid Surfaces and Textiles
M. A. Quetzeri-Santiago

High Temperature Turbulence Coupling of Radiative and Convective Heat Transfer in Turbulent Flows
S. Silvestri

Workshop and Summer School Reports

15th SPHERIC International Workshop
A. Tafuni

Summer School and Workshop Prague-Sum 2021 ”Fluids under Control”
T. Bodnar

Report on the HemPhys2 School
M. Abkarian, S. Mendez and F. Nicoud

Pilot Centre Reports

Report on the Nordic Pilot Centre
S. Wallin and A. Hanifi


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