Stably Stratified and Rotating Turbulence

The main motivation for SIG14 is to study and understand the role of the body force effects on turbulence, especially stratification and rotation. These are fundamental in environmental non-homogeneous flows, for example to predict diffusion of pollutants in the Ocean and Atmosphere.  Environmental fluid dynamics produces specific vortical and helical complex flows which are very difficult to predict.

The statistical description of direct and inverse cascades in turbulence at different scales is also one of the fundamental topics covered together with more applied related topics such as environmental hazards as dense gas dispersion or gravity and turbidity currents. New measurements and methods of analysis taking into account the topology of the particular flows will focus on atmospheric, ocean and astrophysical turbulence measurements. Eulerian and Lagrangian techniques, diffusion, stirring, mixing, planetary boundary layer studies, etc.

All lines of research will be combined in a complementary fashion, such as: Theoretical and Field studies, Earth observation, Numerical and Physical Experiments.

Main topics of SIG14

  • Body forces, 3D and 2D Turbulence, Environmental Turbulence.
  • Mixing and Dispersion in the Ocean and Atmosphere.
  • Pollution detection, Turbulence Cascades, Intermittency, non/locality.
  • Atmospheric/Ocean Science, Environmental Hazards.
  • Experiments in Rotating-Stratified flows.
  • Numerical parametrizations of body forces
  • Related Events


    ERCOFTAC Workshop ASTROFLU V 7th - 8th December 2021 Ecole Centrale de Lyon, amphi 203 Ecully (near Lyon, France) Coordinators: Prof. Claude Cambon and Prof. Tomas Bodnar Organisers: PC Henri Bénard , SIG35, SIG14 , SIG50 / LMFA Local scientific and organising committee

    7 Dec 2021

    Reconstruction methods for complex flows and porous media POSTPONED until 2021!!!

    Workshop on "Reconstruction methods for complex flows and porous media" POSTPONED!!! Location: University of Sheffield, UK Date: 22nd - 23rd June 2020 POSTPONED UNTIL 2021. The dates to be confirmed SIG: SIG42 Synthetic models in turbulence; SIG14 Stratified and Rotating Flows Organisers:

    1 Nov 2021

    Onset of Turbulence and Singular Flows

    ERCOFTAC Workshop - SIG14 and SIG35 8th - 10th July 2021 The Centre IGESA on the Island of Porquerolles, Hyères, France Organization Committee: Tomas Bodnar, Czech Technical University in Prague Claude Cambon, Laboratoire de Mécanique des Fluides et d’Acoustique, Ecole Centrale Lyon Bérangère

    8 Jul 2021

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    Environmental Fluid Mechanics: Turbulence and Fluid Mixing - a workshop dedicated to Jose Manuel Redondo

    ERCOFTAC workshop on Environmental Fluid Mechanics: Turbulence and Fluid Mixing took place on the 23rd - 24th of May 2022 at the Laboratoire de Mécanique des Fluides de Lille, Université de Lille, France. It was particularly special event as it was dedicated to Jose Manuel Redondo who passed away

    20 Jun 2022

    Summer School ”Fluids under Control” 2021 - Report

    ERCOFTAC Summer School ”Fluids under Control” organised by Tomas Bodnar, PC Czech Republic, took place on the 23rd - 27th August 2021 at Department of Technical Mathematics, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic. The summer school was organized as a

    24 Oct 2021

    Onset of Turbulence and Singular Flows - Report

    Workshop "Onset of Turbulence and Singular Flows" organised by Henri Benard Pilot Centre , SIG14 , SIG35 took place on the 7th - 10th July 2021 at IGESA, Porquerolles Island, France. The workshop was first motivated by two very recent studies: the first one is by Berangere Dubrulle and

    23 Jul 2021

    Bulletin 124

    Bulletin 124, September 2020 The new issue of ERCOFTAC Bulletin has been released ! Table of contents is available here

    2 Nov 2020

    14th Workshop on Synthetic Turbulence Models and Fractional Dynamics

    ERCOFTAC Workshop Report: 14th Workshop on Synthetic Turbulence Models and Fractional Dynamics - Synthetic methods, complex/fractal flows and porous media The 14th workshop of the ERCOFTAC Special Interest Group on Synthetic Turbulence Models (SIG42) took place at the Université de Caen. It

    20 Oct 2019

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