Guidelines for submitting material to the ERCOFTAC Bulletin

General guidelines

The material should be sent to the ERCOFTAC Bulletin editor (email).

MS Word documents and Latex are acceptable,however, it is strongly recommended to use latex with supported template file. In order to keep your article in the correct form, please include completed contribution in pdf file.


If you choose Latex, please prepare a completed (compilable) version of contribution, following the ERCOFTAC Bulletin Latex.


template bulletin

The submission should include original latex file(s), compiled pdf version of the document, all special style files (if such are used), and all necessary files for references.


If you choose MS Word, please follow the ERCOFTAC Bulletin style in your MS Word document (two-column format , title spanning two columns). Times Roman font at 10 pt is preferred, with headings in Helvetica. Column width is 81mm between columns; printed height is 250mm. 25mm should be left at the page foot for the standard Bulletin footer.

Authors using Word documents for their paper should submit both the doc and the pdf versions of their paper.


How to submit figures?

Additionally, all figures appearing in the paper  should be submitted in their electronic version. Keep in mind that poor quality of figures reduces the quality of research contribution and the total quality of the Bulletin. Please use vector file format (EPS,PS,PDF) where possible and raster images (BMP,JPG,GIF,PNG etc..) of sufficient resolution (300dpi).

Please bear in mind that the bulletin is printed in black and white. If the authors submit a contribution with color figures, those figures should be first checked in a black and white version to ensure that they are clear and understandable. 

Due to the reduction in quality of the final product, we are no longer accepting contributions where it is necessary to physically cut and paste figures onto the paper copy of the contribution.


Announcements and advertisements

Announcements and advertisements for meetings or publications should be ONLY in MS Word so that they can be conveniently inserted in empty spaces within the text and made to look consistent with other announcements.



Please send all contributions for the Bulletin to:

Dr Maciej Marek
The ERCOFTAC Bulletin
Department of Thermal Machinery
Czestochowa University of Technology
al. Armii Krajowej 21
42-201 Czestochowa

Tel: +48 (0)34 3250 507
Fax: +41 (0)34 3250 507