ERCOFTAC Best Practice Guidelines

ERCOFTAC develops and maintains a series of Best Practice Guidelines, serving as the points of reference in specialized engineering disciplines. Current titles include CFD for Single-Phase Flows, CFD for Dispersed Multiphase Flows and CFD of Turbulent Combustion. This Series is accompanied by a corresponding set of high-level courses.

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Industrial Computational Fluid Dynamics of Single-Phase Flows

The Best Practice Guidelines were commissioned by ERCOFTAC following an extensive consultation with European industry which revealed an urgent demand for such a document. The first edition was completed in January 2000 and constitutes generic advice on carrying out quality CFD calculations.

Computational Fluid Dynamics of Dispersed Multi-Phase Flows

The simultaneous presence of several different phases in external or internal flows such as gas, liquid and solid is found in daily life, environment & numerous industrial processes. These are termed multiphase flows, which may exist in different forms depending on the phase distribution.

Computational Fluid Dynamics of Turbulent Combustion

ERCOTAC Best Practice Guidelines - Computational Fluid Dynamics of Turbulent Combustion. Editors - Luc Vervisch & Dirk Roekaerts