Bulletin 138, March 2024

Table of Contents:

Theme Issue on Transition Modelling
D. Simoni and S. Kubacki

A​pplication of Machine Learning Tools to a Large Experimental Database of Separated Flows
D. Petronio, P. Paliotta, A. Carlucci, D. Lengani and D. Simoni

Experimental and Numerical Study of Acoustic Excitation on Transition in a Separated Boundary Layer
W. Elsner, V. Sokolenko, Z. Rarata and S. Kubacki

Assessment and Validation of Local Correlation-based Transition Model for Spalart-Allmaras Turbulence Model
S. V. Pillai and S. Lardeau

Predicting Transition with Algebraic LCTM Model
M. M. Rahman

Modelling of the Wall Roughness Effect on the Boundary Layer Transition Using the Algebraic Transition Model
J. Prihoda and P. Straka

Hybrid Simulation of Transition
P. A. Durbin, Z. Yin and S. Bader

Coupling of Hybrid RANS-LES and a Transition Model for Simulation of Flow in a Linear Turbine Cascade
S. Kubacki and E. Dick


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