Bulletin 92

Synthetic Turbulence Models

Randomisation and Phase Coherence in Quasi-Homogeneous Turbulence, and Interactions
C Cambon

Manufactured Turbulence with Langevin Equations
A. A. Mishra and D. Girimaji

Subgrid-scale Statistics in Synthetic Helical Turbulent Fields Generated by the Multi-scale Turnover Lagrangian Map
Y.Li and C. Rosales

Singularities in the Particle Concentration Field of Inertial Particles in Turbulent Flows
E. Meneguz and M.W. Reeks

Clustering of Laden Particles in Kinematic Simulation Flows
F.C.G.A. Nicolleau, M. Farhan and A.F. Nowakow

On the Complex Motion of Inertial Particles Near Unsteady Vortices
J.R.Angilella, T.Nixkaya and M. Bues

Application of Synthetic Turbulence to Filament Models of Magnetic Flux Ropes and Quantum Turbulence
A. Baggaley

Synthetic Turbulence via the Minimal Lagrangian Map
C. Rosale


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