SIG Workshops & Summer Schools for 2013



SIG 35 :Ercoftac - Euromech Colloquium 542: Progress in statistical theory and pseudo-spectral DNS, Ecully, France, January 15-18 2013

SIG 44: 2nd ERCOFTAC Workshop,  "Turbulent flows :Fundamentals and Applications", Poitiers, France, April 15, 2013

SIG 33: 10th ERCOFTAC SIG 33 Workshop, Sandhamn, Sweden, May 29-31, 2013

SIG 45: ERCOFTAC-EDF Workshop on UQ in CFD, Lyon, France, 17-18 June 2013

SIG 1: Current status and future research directions in the development and application of Immersed Boundary Methods, Leiden, The Netherlands, 17-19 June 2013

SIG 41 : ERCOFTAC Symposium, Unsteady Separation In Fluid-Structure Interactions, Mykonos, Greece, 17-21 June 2013

SIG 28: 3rd Heat Flux Burner, Lund, Sweden, June 24 2013

SIG 12: Small scale numerical methods for multiphase flows, Pessac, France, August 28-30 2013

SIG 28: 4th Workshop on Measurement and Computation of Turbulent Spray Combustion, Cesme, Izmir, Turkey

SIG 5: Buoyancy Driven Mixing, BPI, Cambridge, Sept 24-25 2013.

Summer Schools / Courses

SIG 37: Biological Fluid Mechanics, Delft, The Netherlands, 28-31 January 2013

SIG 14: Non-homogeneous Turbulence in the Atmosphere, International Workshop and Course on Environmental Turbulence and Summer School, Warsaw, Poland, April 25-30 2013

SIG 43: Non-ideal Particles and Aggregates in Complex Flows, Udine, Italy, 24-28 June 2013

SIG 28: J M Burgers Centre Course on Combustion, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, November, 4-7 2013

SIG 28: Non-normal and non-linear effects in aero and thermoacoustics, TU Munchen, Germany, 18-21 June 2013

SIG 44: Fractal Flow Design-How to design bespoke turbulence and why?, Univ. of Udine, Udine, Italy, 9-13 Sept 2013

To register on any of the above 2013 activities please contact the coordinator of the activity and NOT CADO.