17th UK Heat Transfer Conference (UKHTC-2021)

5th - 7th September 2021 3rd - 5th April 2022

The University of Manchester, UK

The 17th UK Heat Transfer Conference will be held at the university where Osborne Reynolds and Thomas Stanton undertook their pioneering researches! Papers are invited on all aspects of heat transfer including forced, natural and mixed convection, turbulence, two-phase flows, condensation, high- and low-Prandtl number effects, porous media and radiation. There will, in addition, be special theme-oriented sessions on heat transfer in three key industrial areas: Solar energy; Gas-Turbine Hot-Section Components; and Nuclear Energy.

Both oral and prize-competition poster presentations of papers will be featured as well as keynote lectures from the following distinguished international experts:

  • Kemal Hanjalic - TU Delft, The Netherlands;
  • Shuisheng He – Sheffield Univ;
  • Sean Hennigan – BP;
  • Andrea Luke – Univ. Kassel, Germany;
  • Volker Pickert – Newcastle Univ;
  • Khellil Sefiane – Univ. Edinburgh;
  • Victoria Timchenko - UNSW, Australia.

Offers of papers are to be made via an extended abstract up to 3 pages in length.
Please click here for more information.

Details of format and how to submit proposals are given on the conference website: http://www.ukhtc2021.org/.
Any queries regarding technical content or organizational matters may be addressed to ukhtc2021@manchester.ac.uk.