Micro - and Nanofluidics - New Date: 29th March - 1st April 2021

Date: 11 May 2020 - 14 May 2020. New Date: 29th March 2021 - 1st April 2021

Location: TU/e Eindhoven, Netherlands

Micro and nanofluidics is the science and technology of manipulating and analyzing fluid flow in dimensions ranging from millimetres down to nanometers. It is the key enabling technology for many emerging applications and disciplines, especially in the fields of medicine, environmental sensing, biology, and chemistry. Also in engineering and the physical sciences microfluidic systems are employed in applications such as advanced printers, heat management, and energy generation. This course will cover a range of aspects of micro- and nanofluidics.  These include (1) fundamentals of flow at small scales;  (2) physical principles that play an important role in micro- and nanofluidics, and how these can be used to manipulate fluids at small scales; (3) microfluidics in nature, that can be used as an inspiration; (4) applications of micro- and nanofluidics; (5) micro- and nanofluidic device fabrication; (5) valorization and commercialization of micro- and nanofluidics.  In addition, a practical workshop will be an important part of the course, aimed at gaining hands-on experience with basic micro-fluidics device manufacturing and testing. The maximum number of participants is 20.
Coordinator: Jaap den Toonder (TUE)
Lecturers: Jaap den Toonder (TUE), Hans Wyss (TUE), Eduard Pelssers (Philips), Herman Wijshoff (Océ)

For more information please visit: https://jmburgerscentrum.nl/event/micro-and-nanofluidics-2