Workshop on "Multiscale and directional approach to single-phase and two-phase flows"

Location: Ecole Centrale de Lyon, France

Date: 12th - 13th November 2020 POSTPONED !!! New date to be confirmed


SIG: SIG35, SIG39, SIG50, PC Henry Bénard

Organisers: Mikhael Gorokhovski (LMFA, Ecole Centrale de Lyon, France),
Carlo Massimo Casciola (La Sapienza Università, Rome, Italy)

There are objectives which motivate us to organize this Workshop:

  • The first is to gather experts from the turbulence field after this hard and long period of Covid 19 lockdown. Everyone will be welcome to present a talk on what “keeps his heart beating so fast” around the multiscale physics in one-and-two phase turbulence.
  • The second is to extend an interface between two GDRs, one is the GDR 2865 on the phenomenology of turbulence, and another is the GDR 2042 on the transfer and interfaces. Two coordinators of those GDRs will present a short introduction to their GDR.
  • The third objective takes its interest from the actuality.

Today, for the first time in history, fluid mechanics scientists are more popular than the Beatles and are much more popular than nuclear scientists (dream come true!). Everybody in the world contributes daily to the fluid mechanics experiment referred to as “wash your hands and keep social distancing”. In such circumstances, we also need to contribute in the understanding of the new domain “TORS” – turbulence of respiratory sprays. That is why, all kind of discussions on:

  • high-speed production of droplets under accelerating/decelerating air-blast,
  • turbulent dynamics and clustering of droplets in air jets (with and without buoyancy),
  • droplets evaporation under highly turbulent conditions,
  • new ways of the room ventilation,
  • the improved methods in pathogen droplets removal, etc., will be very welcome to this Workshop.

Frankly speaking, we discuss about the organization of this workshop since last spring and like a sailor's wife waiting for a calm sea with hope after a tempest, we observe carefully the Covid pandemic statistics in France, and particularly in Lyon. At the moment in the Ecole Centrale, we teach in person, but nobody knows how the situation may change in few weeks. That is why each participant is free to choose his attending between online or in person.

You are cordially invited to participate. During the three coming weeks, please send us your proposal by email to:

Provisional program

  1. Brief introduction on the GDR 2865 and 2042

  2. Scientific discussions

    2.1 Monophasic turbulence

  • Martin Oberlack (TU Darmstadt), On Symmetry induced Scaling Laws for arbitrary high order. Would that fit?
  • Christos Vassilicos (LMFL, Lille) – tba
  • Bruno Chaouat (ONERA, Palaiseau), From multiple-scales to subgrid-scales models of flow and mixing
  • Laurent Chevillard (ENS Lyon), On stochastic modeling of some aspects of the random nature of fluid turbulence
  • Christophe Josserand (LadHyx, Ecole Polytechnique), Singularity mediated turbulence
  • Wouter Bos (LMFA) – tba

2.2 Turbulence diphasique

  • Rémi Zamansky (IMFT), On agitation induced by large Reynolds number bubbles with moving sources of momentum
  • Martin Obligado (LEGI), On Reynolds and Rouse numbers effects in settling of inertial particles in homogeneous isotropic turbulence
  • Cristian Marchioli (University of Udine), On particle capture by deformable drops in turbulence
  • Nathanaël Machicoane (LEGI), Multiscale analysis of swirled coaxial atomization
  • Filippo Coletti (ETH Zürich), Inertia and gravity: experimental observations of particles in turbulence over six decades of length scale.
  • Aurore Naso (LMFA) – tba
  • Alain Pumir (ENS, Lyon) – tba

2.3 COVID19 Flow

  • Alfredo Soldatti (Institute of Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer TU Wien), Flow dynamics of respiratory sprays
  • Francesco Picano (Padua University), DNS of turbulent dilute jet-spray with application to sneezing droplets