Date: 27 Jan 2020 - 30 Jan 2020

Location: TUD, Delft, Netherlands

This course gives an introduction to the fundamentals of turbulence. It is aimed at PhD students and other researchers from the JM Burgerscentrum. Prerequisite knowledge of turbulence is not required, though may be helpful to keep up with the pace of the lectures. Basic knowledge of fluid mechanics is assumed. The first two days of the course are dedicated to classical turbulence theory such as can be found in the textbooks of S.B. Pope (Turbulent Flows), P.A. Davidson (Turbulence) and Tennekes & Lumley (A First Course in Turbulence), among others. The lectures on fundamentals of turbulence I-IV are based on the book Introduction to Theory and Applications of Turbulent Flows by Nieuwstadt, Westerweel, and Boersma.
Coordinators: Rene Pecnik (TUD), Wim Paul Breugem (TUD), Richard Stevens (UT)
Lecturers: Wim-Paul Breugem (TUD), Bendiks Jan Boersma (TUD), Gerrit Elsinga (TUD), Hans Kuerten (TUE), Rene Pecnik (TUD), Mathieu Pourquie (TUD), Simone Silvestri (TUD), Richard Stevens (UT), Wim Uijttewaal (TUD), Jerry Westerweel (TU Delft)

For more information please visit: https://jmburgerscentrum.nl/event/turbulence-2/