7th - 8th December 2021

Ecole Centrale de Lyon, amphi 203
Ecully (near Lyon, France)

Local scientific and organising committee (alphabetic order): Tomas Bodnar, Anne Cadiou, Claude Cambon, Mikhael Gorokhovski Raffaele Marino.

This event is partly a follow-up of the last workshop ASTROFLU IV in presence co-organised by LMFA, SIG 35 and PC Henri Bénard , end of January 2019.

The new workshop will be only in presence. The audience is free, with no registration fees.

This ASTROFLU V workshop will be part of a larger colloquium, supported by the host laboratory (LMFA, Ecole Centrale de Lyon). As the previous ASTROFLU's workshops, the main goal of ASTROFLUV is to gather specialists of fluids mechanics (FLU) in engineering, environment and geophysics,with astrophysicists (ASTRO). Cross-fertilization is expected, from fluids to plasmas, from stability to turbulence, from fundamental research to applied one. Accordingly, some aspects of rotating stratified flows will be investigated from engineering and environment, with the SIG14 of Tomas Bodnar, and the SIG50 of Raffaele Marino on Geophysics and Astrophysics.
In the same vein, plasmas will be addressed from ITER to stars. Possible analogies between aeroacoustics (SIG39, Christophe Bogey) and cosmology will be touched upon as well.
As a second motivation, ideas and projects are expected for future collaboration between the members of the PC Henri Bénard, those of SIG's (14, 35, 39, 50), and two French CNRS research groups, on Navier-Stokes and on interfaces.


Full programme:


ERCOFTAC Workshop - CHB (


A list of speakers taking part:
  • Tomas Bodnar, Alejandro-Alvarez Laguna, Thierry Lehner, Ying Zhu, Raffaele Marino, Mikhael Gorokhovski, Julian Scott, Basile Gallet, Alain Pumir, Faouzi Laadhari, Aurore Naso, Rémi Zamansky, Nicolas Rimbert, Mickael Bourgoin, Claude Cambon, Luminita Danaila, Bruno Chaouat, Raffaello Foldes, Wesley Agoua, Rolf Walder, Benjamin Miquel, Amor Khlifi, Ryo Araki, Christophe Bailly, Etienne Spieser, Anne Cadiou.

The first two local events "ASTROFLU" were principally organised by the Henri Bénard PC in Lyon, 12-13/11/2008 and 15/12/2011. The third one, which took place on November 20-21, 2013, attracted an European audience and was supported by ERCOFTAC with label and scholarships. The "ASTROFLU IV" was supported by ERCOFTAC and took place at Ecole Centrale de Lyon, January 24-25, 2019.