E​RCOFTAC SIG52 Conference

Multi-Scale Methods for Reactive Flow and Transport in Complex Elastic Media


MARCH 19-22, 2024



Conference in memory of Prof. Andro Mikeliċ


Aims and scope:

Starting from 2000, three conferences on multi-scale methods in science and technology have been successfully organized in Dubrovnik in cooperation with Andro Mikelic, Their goal was to bring together the mathematicians working on the multi-scale techniques (asymptotic analysis, homogenization, singular perturbation, …) and experts from the applied sciences, who need these techniques in modeling, numerical simulations and optimization of real systems. These events provided a high potential and the proper atmosphere for the exchange of information, results and ideas, for discussions and cooperation on the front of research. Andro Mikelic, a pioneer in multi-scale analysis and its applications and an inspiring partner, contributed substantially to this success. He has passed away in 2020 and it is appropriate to dedicate to his memory this Dubrovnik conference, pursuing the main goal which he had chosen for his own research:

The mathematical rigorous derivation of effective model systems for processes in complex media using multi-scale methods, starting from models based on first principles.

The topics of this conference include on the theoretical side among others:
  • the mathematical modeling and analysis of transport processes coupled with fluid flow and reactions in complex deformable media;
  • the derivation of effective interface laws for processes in domains involving thin structures or interfaces, separating and controlling the coupling of compartments in deformable (porous) media;
  • the development of new concepts and analytical and numerical methods for homogenization in case of almost periodic or stochastic structures coupled with dimension reduction;


The following selected application areas will provide examples to be presented and discussed in the conference:
  • modeling of physiological processes on the level of single cells, tissues, organs and organism;
  • investigation of crucial endothelial and epithelial layers and their role in controlling the processes;
  • physical-chemical and biological, fluid-mechanical and mechanical processes in geological layers particular in porous media, applications in agriculture, mining, water supply, geothermal energy supply, waste deposit;
  • design of materials with optimized properties, based on their micro-structures; aging, corrosion and weathering of materials.


Invited speakers who so far accepted the invitation:
  • Helmut Adels (Regensburg)
  • Peter Bastian (Heidelberg)
  • Anna Marciniak-Czochra (Heidelberg)
  • Boris Muha (Zagreb) Sarka Necasova (Prague)
  • Felix Otto (Leipzig)
  • Andrey Piatnitski (Narvik)
  • Sebastian Schwarzacher (Uppsala) (tentative)
  • Thomas Wick (Hannover)


Venue and format of the workshop:

The conference takes place onsite at the Center of Advanced Academic Studies (CAAS) where also the accommodation and full meals are available. The expected number of participants is around 50. The program consists of invited talks, contributed talks and poster presentations. For further information about registration, abstract submission, updates, … please see the conference webpage:


Organizing committee:
  • Markus Gahn (Erlangen, Heidelberg)
  • Willi Jäger (Heidelberg)
  • Eduard Marusic-Paloka (Zagreb)
  • Maria Neuss-Radu (Erlangen)
  • Josip Tambaca (Zagreb)
Supporting institutions and programs:
  • Department of Mathematics, University of Zagreb
  • Research Training Group 2339: Interfaces, Complex Structures, and Singular Limits, FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg